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Monday, 1 October 2012

31 days in 2012

No way can I take any credit for this title, I read about this on The Bookworm's blog, so went to her source, which is the blog of The Nester.

Confused? Don't worry, so was I, but basically one blogs every day in October about a chosen topic. Some of the topics chosen are amazing, I suspect one would spend all of one's October reading them all.

I have decided to just post daily about my knitting progress, especially as I was making good progress with the socks but having joined the sock flap back up, picked up the stitches from the sides, then asked to knit 10 more stitches, I am confused as it will mean I think I will have too many stitches.

Any way, here is a picture of the socks so far .....

There is a deadline for finishing these, I would like to wear them when I go walking the weekend after next.

Of course, all may be well, but I shall leave my laptop, go and iron, then return to the knitting. These are the third pair I have made, perhaps I shouldn't have knitted and watched Downton Abbey at the same time.

to be continued tomorrow. Day 2/31.


  1. Good luck. Blogging every day is quite a commitment. Remembering how my 30 day music challenge took me 9 months to finish, I probably shouldn't get involved in this.

    Walking in socks that you knitted yourself sounds good.

  2. Love the colour of those socks! I hope the number of stitches is working out ok.