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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chatting about stuff

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

This Week: 26th September 2012

The weather ... Wet and windy with gales and some very heavy downpours.

I am wearing ...  black East dress, orangy-red CC cardigan and brightly coloured Tradecraft scarf. Dress is so comfortable, not fitted at waistline, I dislike the feeling on being strapped into tight clothes.

I am reading ... Salmon fishing in the Yemen, haven't read much, but am enjoying it so far.

I am creating .. hexipuffs, chunky quilt, phone cover and finally socks. Bought the yarn in Shoreham a few Saturdays ago when we broke our train journey back from Martha's. There was a very large yarn shop there,  Shoreham Knitting and Needlecraft, so bought sock wool. Decided to make both socks simultaneously, found circular needles, off I went but broke the needle pulling the yarn tight to avoid the 'ladder' effect. Found another circular needle, measured carefully, was sure both were same size although different brands (Pony and Knit Pro) and have almost completed 19cms before starting heels. (Knit down, not knit up). Measuring and row counting showed a miniscule difference, so on Pony will probably knit an extra round so knitting is same length.
Colour not very good here, the colours are much more vibrant.
Anyway, have bought two pairs of 3.25mm KnitPro symfonie yesterday, the helpful lady in the shop and I decided that there was no need to undo the knitting. It is very difficult to see the difference, but before working the heel I'll transfer both socks to the new needles. As socks will be worn with walking boots or inside ordinary boots it won't notice if there is one extra round on one. After all, my feet and legs aren't exactly the same size.
I am listening ...  well whilst ironing was listening to pod cast of confessions from the Radio 2 Simon Mayo drive time programme. Takes a lot to amuse me, but some of these succeeded.

I am watching ...   Downton Abbey, Great British Bake Off, Who do you think you are?, Love and Marriage: a C20th romance, all whilst knitting.

I am enjoying ...  my efforts at meeting up with friends, some of whom go back to school days. Last week went to Museum of London, saw nothing of the exhibits but spent over 5 hours chatting and catching up with friend who lives up north. Apparently I haven't changed in nearly 50 years!

Learning notes ... Ian received his final TMA for this course today, as he opened the envelope he said that he felt he hadn't done very well. Mmmm, so 77% isn't doing very well. I hope the result gives him confidence for the exam.

On the menu ...  not sure, we have bread I made yesterday and banana bread made the day before. 

On the calendar ...  meeting at Local Studies about the Building our Borough exhibition, although this clashes with a day walk with the walking group. Weather may play a part in choice of which activity I choose to do.   

A picture from last week ...  from our bedroom window showing the more open aspect now Ian has cut down, pruned, pollarded the trees and shrubs in the back garden. Our kitchen is much lighter too, a compensation for the loss of light from next door's extension.

My thanks to The Bookworm from whom I copied this format. Never quite sure whether to make my blog a kind of journal or diary, or a more reflective muse. Think it kindest to make it a chatty journal, rather than a catty view of this parish's recent events and meetings. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Still here

MONDAY,septEMBER 10, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook: 10th September

Outside My Window ... ought to mention that Ian has been cutting back the jungle that our back garden has become, a combination of the heavy rains earlier in the Summer and the brief, recent warmth.

View taken from the back bedroom window.

I am thinking ... about the Panorama programme this evening about pensioners and alcohol. It is very much assumed that one will have a drink, I have a fear of having even one drink and driving, even if I will not be driving that day I'll not have alcohol. Occasionally we have been trying cider, we test the specialist brews when they are on offer at Waitrose or Lidl's. Certainly no scrumpy these days.

From the learning rooms ... Ian's last assignment for MST208 has been posted; revision continues whilst the course materials for MST209 have arrived.

I am thankful ... for a quieter week ahead, for last week was busy. On Tuesday I went to the monthly Prayer & Meditation group at church; then we went onto  a U3A lunch in a beautiful Surbiton garden followed by a train ride to Vauxhall, bus across the river to a meeting of ALMA reps. ALMA is Angola, London, Mozambique Association, established by the Bishop of London to give support to the Anglican churches in these two African countries. Ian and I are the reps for our church, our sewing group made a banner for our link church in the Mozambique town of Mecanhelas. I think it is in the Niassa region.

From the kitchen ... like much of the country have begun to bake again, made quiches to take to Ian's U3A lunch in someone's garden (I was invited too!) and last weekend my family signature bake, those coconut slices. 

I am wearing ...  light grey trousers, white shirt with Monsoon cotton jumper with swans on it. Too warm for red cardigan, it came off.

I am creating ... 3 projects: hexipuffs, have reached 149; the freecycle throw continues to grow, am casting on 11th when laptop goes slow and have started a pair of socks for myself. Same Regia pattern as before, but have two  Magic loop needles so knitting both socks together. Have broken a Knit Pro nedle whilst trying to ensure there was no ladder in the ribbing so using Pony bamboo one I had in reserve. As the socks and hexipuffs both are made on 2.5 mm needles will have to buy another one as haven't a third one for hexipuff.

I am reading ... well will be, London: portrait of a city by Reuel Golden, published this year by Taschen. Also, will be starting book for reading group, its Salmon fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday.

A picture, or two, thoughts I am sharing ...

This robin was pictured at the Millbank cafĂ©, outside Tate Britain. I had met my friend there to see Another London: international photographers capture city life 1930-1980, of course we needed coffee before going around the exhibition. Well actually, we had coffee and lunch before going round the exhibition. 

A little gripe: the captions were stencilled on the wall, but nut under or near the photos to which they related, so we were bobbing back and forth trying to read and then view. An interesting collection, some of the views reminded me of London when I was a child, certainly the greyness and fog and others recognised the me I was in the sixties clothes and look. 

Mmm, rather late will add more ramblings some other time, have been reminded that I need to take evening medications. This is not a quick task.

Interesting the link between meditation and medication, both should do some good.


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