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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Knitting again

Have made the beanie, it's here

Looks enormous, but it is made for a 6-12 month old so will be ideal for next Autumn. Very pleased with it.

When we were at the celebrations for  Ian's aunt's 100 birthday, her daughter gave me some yarn and there is enough double knitting wool to make a jacket for another little boy soon to make his debut. Have been able to add to my stash pile, some very fine cottons as well, will need advice as to what to make with some of it.

Just an update regarding daughter's property purchase, she managed to exchange and complete on Friday, about 12 hours before stamp duty kicked in again for first time buyers. She had the keys on Friday, and today she finally moved out of her house share. Couldn't really before as the fridge freezer was only delivered yesterday and needed to stand before she could fill it. Excellent service from John Lewis.

Cannot say the same for Curry's. The cooker had been left in the flat, but when we looked at it on Saturday Ian and I agreed with Martha that it was in a much worse state than had been realised. Given the urgency, we went to the local Curry's, chose a lovely electric cooker; delivery was arranged, address given. Come Tuesday, Martha took time off from work as delivery was between 3 -5, Curry's phoned as she waited to say they didn't have the first line of her address so they couldn't deliver. They wouldn't confirm the address over the phone, she had to return to the store and rebook the delivery. I was standing next to her when she gave the address in the store so it is not her error. I have recommended a strongly worded letter of complaint to the company's head office.

So, all future purchases of that type will be made online to John Lewis. As it is the end of the month and end of the financial year Martha, like many others is very busy at work and to be messed about by such incompetence is unacceptable. Thank goodness the washing machine has been purchased through John Lewis.

It is getting late, will turn in soon. Busy week, went to a funeral yesterday and another tomorrow. Yesterday was a lady from our church aged 96 but tomorrow the funeral is for the husband of a school friend so comparatively young. He has been ill for a few years, worked hard all his life and never had the chance to enjoy retirement with his wife and family.

We are blessed.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


As promised, photographs of the completed jacket. Thanks to all who gave their advice, especially about the way the yarn knitted up on the back.

Now am going to make a baby beanie to make the little lad lovely and warm next winter.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Prizes and presents

MONDAY, 19th March 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook: 19th March


Outside My Window ... sunshine and warmth. Plus, the usual learner drivers, our quiet suburban estate is part of the driving test so lots of practising goes on around here.
 I am thinking ... about last Friday's quiz evening organised by Friends of Strawberry Hill. Very jolly evening, saw folk we know, had a good Ploughman's supper. Our team was crestfallen when it was announced that the theme was in tribute to an event in 2012, unfortunately not the Jubilee but the Olympics. All sorts of stuff about the Olympics, even the original ones so it was not a great surprise that we won the Booby prize - yes - won by over 10 points from the team ahead of us. Ian leapt onto the stage with great joy to collect our table's reward.

From the learning rooms ... well Ian's maths continue; I consider I have learnt new skills from knitting the child's jacket.

I am thankful ...  to Martha for her kindness in giving me such a lovely gift for Mothering Sunday.

This has taught me not to be too rigid in my thinking, for many years I have said to the PixieKids that I don't wish for any recognition of Mothering Sunday but that they treat us with kindness and respect at all times. That was the mantra for many years, but yesterday I realised it is up to them to decide what, if anything, they do to mark the day. I hadn't gone to church, that is upsetting as I think about my own mother and the whole thing is quite emotional with all those kids so I was taken aback when a box of goodies was delivered. It contained a miniature pink rose, bottle of Italian rosé and chocolate truffles. Even before this package of kindness I had been given a card too.

From the kitchen ... nothing much happening; lunch has been cooked and eaten and all evidence to the same has been cleared away.

I am wearing ... Blue jeans and pink polo neck jumper.

I am creating ... Hexipuffs and a baby jacket. For the latter just need to cast off collar, sew remaining seams, attach buttons and my personal label.
I am reading ... The Help, not just reading but listening to the download whilst I knit. Multi tasking at its best.

I am hoping ... that Martha will be able to exchange and complete her property purchase before Saturday. Even better would be if the Chancellor's Budget extends the stamp duty exemption for first time buyers. Saturday was spent in IKEA whilst Martha chose essential furniture, fortunately the cousins live nearby so reviving tea and cakes were served whilst we watched England win. Great amusement at IKEA, an announcement was made for Chardonnay's parents, all this time I had thought this name was just an urban legend. (No offence to any of my readers who have this name in their families)

I am hearing ... banging and noise from the building site that is the next property. We have endured this since last June, the result is overbearing and not in sympathy with the 1930s streetscape. 

One of my favourite things ... chocolate truffles

A Picture Thought I Am Sharing ... 

 not very clear picture of the singers and orchestra at the concert held on 10th March in aid of Pancreatic Cancer. Apparently the money raised in Gemma's memory was £3,336. The purple is not for Lent but is Pancreatic Cancer UK colour.
Now to complete the jacket, will photograph it and you can see it on the next blog.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Unintended consequences.

I am quite a believer in unintended consequences. A good one happened this last weekend.

We pay for our newspaper a year in advance  and a copy is held in reserve for us at a High Street newsagent so one of us will collect the paper during the morning. Have to give credit to dear Ian, he plods down more than me, especially in the winter, and yes, I know I should go as I am supposed to have as much exercise as medication.

Now where were me, oh yes, last Sunday, after Church, we drove to the High Street, as Ian was driving I hopped out and went for the paper, but woe, there were no Sunday Telegraphs. I think I understood the guys in the shop that about three copies were received and they had been delivered by the paper boy. Instead of taking our voucher and searching for the paper in another store, I accepted the offer of the Sunday Times of which there were many copies. After all, it was raining and I can read most of the Telegraph on my iPad as I'm a subscriber and have down loaded the relevant app.

Was browsing the Times and noticed there was a free download of a book, and this book, completely unabridged was The Help, the choice of our reading group and one I was enjoying, but the enjoyment was at the cost of abandoning knitting. With much difficulty - yes I can be a technonumpty - the download was achieved on my laptop, but not the iPad. Didn't matter, I listened and knitted, like a good woman doing two things at once. The spoken word is identical to the written word, I should be able to discuss the book with confidence for it has been a while since a reading group book has really  grabbed my attention.

I do not read books for pleasure any more, I have unfinished books around and I know it is because I spend time on my laptop and iPad, or if I am knitting I have the TV on.

So, an unintended consequence is that I will download more audio books from my local library so I can multi task. The baby cardigan just requires sewing up the raglan seams, knitting the collar, blocking and then sewing up.  The back has been redone, not sure whether it was the right method as I cut the yarn and started from a different point in the random dye pattern. Meant lots of loose ends to weave in but it worked.

Well I am pleased with it, I hope the parents will be. If they don't like the design, I will knit something else more traditional whilst listening to audio books. There is a baby boy coming into our family so the jacket can be a gift to him.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Post Olympia

Although it is over a week ago just wish to tell every one that I did survive the Who do you think you are? show.  Was able to demonstrate this website  so if you, or any of your family are from London Borough of Richmond you may find details of the property in which they lived. The borough includes Twickenham, Hampton, Hampton Court, Hampton Hill and Hampton Wick, Teddington, Barnes, Mortlake, Sheen. Of course not every road is mentioned, some times just the name of the estate was used, many of the early plans were just concerned with drains.

Two volunteers with the Local studies librarian.

Have been worked two afternoon this week, indexing photographs and a few prints of the Riverside. One day it was Richmond, the next we began on Twickenham side. Many of the Richmond ones concentrated on the visit by HM The Queen on Friday, 28th October 1988 when the Richmond Riverside development was formally opened. The classical designs by Terry Quinlan enhance the townscape and have worn well.

Somewhere in the crowd, outside the then National & Provincial Building Society I was there with Martha and Adam who were just tinies then. Whilst recording the details of the photographs searched to see I could spot us, but to no avail. Somewhere in the vaults of the local independent TV station there may be a few seconds of PixieMum giving her favourable views of the new development.

Seems surprising that the team have reached letter R and this is the first time I can be sure that I was there, this was one of the moments when I am so proud and blessed to be doing this. Sort of a random act of kindness, trying to pass my knowledge on so when I find and correct an error it's feeling I am giving something back to the world. When I die, I hope that something I have achieved or done in some small way has made, or will make, the world a better place.

Am off to continue knitting the baby jacket, not a portable project like the hexipuffs.