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Friday, 31 January 2020

Fibre 4 Fibres

I’m partial to reading blogs especially those of the yarn community, many of the Bloggers are on Ravelry too. Once such blog is
it started in 2008, in the last couple of years Helen has been diagnosed with myositis, a rare autoimmune muscle disease,  she has carried on with generously giving away beautiful yarn to fundraise.

Last Sunday I donated to the raffle to win this

There is not only yarn to make the Contoura hat designed by Woolly Wormhead but two 100grams of Schweppes, these will be used to make socks for Ian, the colours are just so right for him.  I like the hat so will be making it for myself. Helen posts on Instagram as josiekitten, do go and look at these and details of the next virtual raffle.

The fundraising is for MyositisUK, a small charity run largely by volunteers, I like to support small charities, not those with well paid staff and expensive London offices, if there is a craft and cat link so much the better. Below my photos of the great yarn, earnings and pattern.

So what else is news, I have been working on weaving in ends on the third crochet cushion cover using up stash of Rowan big wool in an absolute random pattern.  A 8mm hook and such chunky yarn has meant the work grew quickly, weaving in ends is taking rather a long time, I still have to decide whether to put a double crochet border around the edge before sewing it up.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Cushions, crochet and other thoughts.

One reason I do not go to yarn shows like Unravel, Wonderwool is because there is so much yarn in my stash, because I have plenty of projects on which I’m working, like two Attic24 blankets, a second pair of  Tramlines socks by Maria Higgs, and so far two new crochet cushion covers using Rowan big wool and 7mm crochet hook.  Crochet eats up yarn, especially Big Yarn that is just what I need to clear my stash with the intention of just buying yarn for the next project.

These cushions are for our kitchen chairs to replace some purchased through eBay chosen for their swan silhouette design, the fabric has worn, different colours and designs have been used for the crochet covers, linked by use of treble stitch each time, the design is governed by colours of yarn available. The blue cushion fits the kitchen colour scheme - so what - for the golden one and others yet to be made rogue colours add some fun. The starting chain was about 70 stitches.

So what else has been happening at Pixie Towers? Marmalade making, about 20lbs of oranges have been purchased, 5 batches have been made so far,  maybe one or two batches to finish for this year depending on quantities of lemons added.  This year I’ve made the marmalade thicker, not so runny more set. As we made many jars of damson jam last summer more jars were required for marmalade, we cleared Staines branch of Hobbycraft out of these jars. These have ounce markings in the glass, 12 oz at the top although they will hold a greater amount than this.

Must add, we’ve started digging into this jar, I did fill it right to the top, tastes even better when spread on bread made by Ian. 

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Tying up the ends

Well, tomorrow it’s Epiphany, back to normal day and for us the day our lovely decorators arrive at 8am to paint our kitchen, ceiling, walls and woodwork. These two brothers have been smartening up our home, this and the previous one for well over 30 years, we have recommended them to friends, family and colleagues in all that time, they are trustworthy with work of high quality.

Christmas, we spent Monday to Friday morning in Dorset with DD and S-in-L, seeing very much wider family before returning to London for our family visit to Kew Gardens lights.  Although the lights were excellent it is my opinion that the walk was just a little too long, maybe I’m influenced by having an almost three year old and a four and a half with us and the parents didn’t bring the push chair. We’d been good people, travelled by public transport, not ok from Richmond station, no trains to our station, just two or three down the line, nor the one bus route that takes us just around the corner. Given the late hour, two tired children and two people who were driving back to Dorset we ended up with two taxis, reaching Twickenham just before thousands were pouring out of the Stadium after the double header rugby games.

Some photos,

 The Advent calendar made for me by DD, DGS was puzzled that the numbers were not in numerical order, I adore the randomness and workmanship of it.

DH and I in Dorset on Christmas Day, I’m wearing my qiviut cowl.

DGS intrigued by constructing this marble run and best of all we have over half of this cake left, I enjoy Christmas pudding, cake and mince pies.