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Monday, 28 February 2011

End of the month report.

Simple Woman's Daybook: 28th February 2011

Outside my window ... Has been cold and rainy, needed hat and mittens.

I am thinking ...  of the people in Christ Church, their tragedy moved me to tears. Feel so upset about it.
I am thankful ... that Martha hasn't a big problem with her feet, she will need correction just for sports activities. Big bill, for consultation, inner soles, plus there will be the sports massage costs as well. Worth it if she completes the Marathon thereby raising awareness of Pancreatic cancer amongst the young and the memory of Gemma. See this page for more information
From the kitchen ... Martha made a lovely chocolate and cinnamon sponge cake filled with jam and cream yesterday, it was even yummier today.

I am wearing ... black trousers, charcoal grey polo neck jumper and matching cardigan.
I am creating ...another pewter wool and silk cushion cover; have started cardigan from yarn and pattern given to me at Christmas. Also, will be able to go back to socks as Mel obtained the right size circular needles for me. Am determined to learn to knit socks.
I am going ...  to be making rolls or tiny loaves for the Women's day of prayer, Friday 4th March but have no idea of the number needed. We have 8 made already, they are in the freezer so may make some fresh so if they are left over they can be frozen.
I am reading ... or will be starting Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The choice for the reading group.
I am hoping ...  England win the grand slam, enjoyed last Saturday's match.

I am hearing ...  Ian typing, or keyboarding.
Around the house ... chimney swept, furniture and carpet ordered, decorator chased for starting date. 
One of my favourite things ...  train journeys. We went to Kingston by train today, a short journey although still managed quite a few rows of knitting. I prefer the smoothness of the train compared with buses. The bus drivers seem to imagine they are driving around Le Mans track.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... monthly prayer & meditation group tomorrow; Tuesday will be working at Local studies, missed last week as attended Breathe Easy Group; Friday is Women's world day of prayer.  

A picture thought I am sharing ...taken on our Strollers walk last Friday. We walked from Marlow to Hurley, Temple Lock taking in the muddy Thames Path. Needed our walking poles. Although not sunny, the day was warm and ideal for walking over 6 miles. Very pleased with myself for managing it, felt better for the exercise. Note I'm wearing the Mustardland scarf.
I'm sure there are other world shattering comments I could make but I would like to go and put my wool stash in the ziplok bags we bought in Kingston today, then try the new circular needles.


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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Raining in Twickenham

So we were so fortunate yesterday, no rain until after we reached home.

Ian photographed me trying to take a good picture, notice the very warm Mustardland scarf, took but didn't wear the not-very-flattering-beanie.

Today in Twickenham it is pouring down and there is just an hour and a half to the Big Match. Fun watching drivers trying to find places to park, we are outside the restricted zone, it is a fair walk but even I can do it.

Ian is working on his sums, becoming very excited about ellipses. I plan to go downstairs, knit and watch rugby at the same time. Known as multishirking in Mustardland circles. Well I can, cos I'm a woman.

Just in case anyone wants an update on the sofa saga, this week we have had the chimney swept, although no mess at all it was good that our Treasure was here at the time. The carpet has been ordered and most importantly, so have the sofas. Yes. Plural. One three seater and one two seater, should be ready some time in April. Now to book the decorators, even though their quote hasn't arrived.

Ian was in town this week and has purchased wooden needles so I think I will go now and start the jacket. The yarn and pattern were a Christmas gift, not going to be the work I carry around with me as it is cable. That's why I make cushion covers in garter stitch. Will have to ensure that covers will complement the red leather sofas, the work in progress is pewter colour so that will be for the Lloyd Looms. Bought some lovely Debbie Bliss Rialto in creamy white at Mrs Moon's so that will be perfect for the new furniture.

Off to knit, view, cheer our team. Some days we can hear the roars from the stadium.

Reader, we won! Second half better than first, so exciting it was impossible to knit.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Thames walk

Bit tardy in posting blogs lately but thought I'd mention the Strollers walk today.

We were very green, agreed to car share but regretted it. Okay, our driver C. wanted to keep up with the other driver, D.  I could have directed C. to Marlow, used to drive there regularly, OK it was 35 years ago but the M4 hasn't moved. Basically we were so scared, especially on M25 and M4. No better coming back, we will be very wary of car sharing again. I sat in back with P., but not comfortable especially as C. had removed the headrests!

I suppose I shouldn't complain, however the walk was good, I managed the steep bits. The bridges were most difficult, why climbing steps should make my legs feel so heavy and not working I'm not sure. The hilly parts were fine, only used Ventolin a couple of times.

Walk was a figure of eight, between 6 & 7 miles, starting and finishing in Marlow with lunch of smoked salmon sandwiches at  The Old Bell at Hurley. Seven of us started the walk, a couple joined us at lunch, one walked the rest of the way and his OH went home after lunch.

Views of the River Thames.

Last picture is of Temple Lock, reminded me of Teddington before all the unnecessary fences and barriers were installed.

Good day for walking, warm enough, although wore yellow Mustardland scarf, no sun but meant no sore eyes. Quite a muddy route but had walking boots on and walking stick. All in all we enjoyed the exercise, so good to be out in really fresh air, seeing signs of Spring.

All is needed now is for England to win their match against France tomorrow.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Simple Woman's Daybook: 14th February 2011

Outside my window ... bit windy, but otherwise fairly pleasant day although cooled down once sun went down.

I am thinking ... about our plans for the sitting room. We went to Kingston on Saturday, by train of course because of the Rugby, looked in M&S, John Lewis, Laura Ashley & MultiYork. Came back keen on M&S leather sofas, thought has since been given to IKEA whose prices seem so keen. Do we really need sofas that will last us another 30+ years. At IKEA prices we need not keep the next lot as long.
From the learning rooms ... Ian immersed in maths. He's done the first question of the first TMA. So keen.
 I am thankful ... we realised the furniture had worn out but wonder how many visitors were not sitting comfortably.
From the kitchen ... all clear and washing up done.
I am wearing ... Black M& S trousers, cream Thomas Pink shirt and red V neck Uniqlo jumper. Chose an outfit practical enough to do the Bleep test at the last of the Pulmonary Rehab sessions. I reached level 7 (out of 10) so improved from test at beginning of January. However, when my oxygen levels were measured at the end I had an alarming but temporary dip in mine so will be checked out again in 3 months. Never happened before in last 6 weeks of exercises.

I am creating ... still working on garter stitch cushion cover using stash of Jaeger silk wool. Knitted on train on Saturday, at hospital today and in odd moments around the house, for example when the roofing estimator was here talking chimney stacks. He said I should knit him a pair of socks. Knitting socks is my challenge, need to find a very easy pattern to knit Roof Man his pair of size 9s. Can I do it? Perhaps by Christmas.

I am going be asked to give the talk about the Breathe Easy group at the future Pulmonary Rehab courses. I knew more about Breathe Easy than the person who spoke to us about this.
I am reading ... furniture catalogues, home magazines and the papers but book group meeting looms.

Around the house ...  floor plan of the sitting room with scale cut outs of sofas from Marks and from IKEA. We have decided to move TV & paraphanalia from one side of fireplace to other; to replace the stained carpet under the patterned one: our trusty decorator is visiting to estimate redecorating costs. He will be replacing wallpaper around front room fireplace anyway. (They've forgotten about the new fireplace that beat VAT increase, Ed.) 

A few plans for the rest of the week
 ... ALMA meeting (Angola London Mozambique Assn.),  linking Diocese of London with dioceses in Angola and Mozambique; work on plans at local studies; trip to IKEA to bounce on sofas.

A picture thought I am sharing ... 

The spaciousness that is the room without much furniture. 
Tomorrow is another day, think sofa saga will run and run but it's fun, interesting and was so unexpected.

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Friday, 11 February 2011

End of an era

I feel a bit churned up this evening. Nothing bad, but we have had interest in our furniture from enquirers on our local freecycle. Indeed, someone may be coming this evening but we are waiting for them to come back to us.

Why you may ask am I churned up? Well, when as a single girl I took the advice of a previous boyfriend and with the help of a humungous mortgage (15% interest rates) bought myself a 1961 New Ideal Homestead maisonette. Most of my furniture was cast offs from parents, a Formica topped kitchen table, chairs and stool, bed, sideboard (still have this). My parents gave me the money they'd set aside for a wedding to enable me to furnish my home. One of the items I bought was the Minty Isis furniture, it's been through many covers, firstly from Minty and subsequently from Lyn-Plan. This house is the fourth home.

Two years later,I married Ian after a whirlwind romance, nearly 32 years later we will be buying our living room furniture together.

Just to say that the furniture has gone, the room looks rather stark with just 3 Lloyd Loom chairs. 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thoughts and actions

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 08, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 8th February 2011

Outside my window ... At last some sunshine, bright and cold with a beautiful sunset.

I am thinking ... about our plans for our sitting room. On Sunday Adam and Juliet came to see us, sat on the settee and sank down and down and down. Although I sit there and knit hadn't realised why it was so low.
We have decided the suite will go. We will ensure that some one else will benefit from it, either through Freecycle or Community furniture store. Then rather than rush into purchasing a new settee/sofa we will use our Lloyd Loom chairs, of which we have 9, whilst we consider the style and the way we want the room to look. What ever we select, we hope the room will look less crowded when the Isis Minty 2-seater settee, 2 chairs and one huge glass top table goes. My option is for purchasing a squidgy sofa and maybe one matching armchair. Instead of the table collecting junk we will use the wooden sea chest box as a table, thus opening up one side of the fireplace.

From the learning rooms ... Ian is sorting out his Madcad cos he has it on his Sony notebook and his Sony Vaio. Apparently some one queried this.

I am thankful ... that I managed to walk to the library last Saturday and support our library. Borrowed 6 books on knitting, need to sort out patterns I like, especially for cushions using yarn from stash. Quite hard work walking back as the strong wind blowing in our faces.

From the kitchen ... Ian washing up after meal cooked by Martha.

I am wearing ... pink polo neck jumper that I knitted and long grey skirt.

I am creating ... about to start another cushion cover and will start cardigan too. This is the yarn and pattern I had for Christmas gift from lovely cousin.
I am going ...  to feed the Friendship cake starter I have been given by one of the young Mums from church. I think the other recipients of the mix are Year 1 parents. I think our offspring were at this level last time I made Friendship cakes.
 I am reading ... magazines about beautiful houses, ideal homes, interior design. we bought them in Sainsbugs this morning. 
I am hearing ...  Ian texting our hairdresser, he will ask her to bring her 'shears' as he needs a trim. 

Around the house ... have completed first cushion cover.

Shown here on one of those Lloyd Loom chairs

and here, showing the buttons bought at Mrs Moon and the moss stitch.

One of my favourite things ...  the views from Richmond Bridge.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... penultimate Respiratory rehabilitation course tomorrow, apart from this that is all have planned although I suspect we will be looking at sofas.

A picture thought I am sharing ...
My Mustardland scarf, ready for the Archers meet. Three 50g balls of Rowan big wool.

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Broadband went AWOL

Just in case you thought I'd fallen off the end of the universe we have to report that our Virgin Media broadband slowed down and then went on Sunday afternoon until it was fine this morning.

No time to post more cos am off to next session of Pulmonary Rehab course. The talk doesn't concern me, it's about stopping smoking and I've never smoked but have poorly lungs.

Just thought you'd wish to see my Mustardland beanie, scarf still wip.

Byeee, PixieMum