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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window ...sunshine and a breeze. Also aeroplanes flying over, why are there a few planes by day and then just as we are going to bed about the flight path changes  and the jets fly low over our house?

I am thinking .... that I need to finish this before I go to the local history library and work (voluntarily) on the digitilization of planning applications. Really enjoyable and sociable.

From the learning rooms ...silence as Ian has gone to his U3A art class.

I am thankful ...  for being able to walk 6 miles last Friday withthe Strollers group. I was amused by the cows in the River Thames near Cookham.

From the kitchen ...smell of fresh bread, made yesterday by Ian.

I am wearing ...CC dress, it has linen coloured background and red and brown patterns. Was purchased in Glasgow when we visited one Spring to celebrate Ian's birthday.

I am going Richmond by train.

I am reading ... just the daily paper at present

I am hoping ... to get back into my reading groove now life is less busy.

I am hearing ... aircraft

Around the house ...silence, apart from the clock

One of my favourite things ...freedom of retirement

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...Wednesday: Measuring for new kitchen floor, meeting of Breathe Easy Group; Induction of new vicar. Friday: hair cut and highlighted: Saturday: marriage of Stuart and Tanuka.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Thoughts from the dining room

Why from the dining room? Because that is where I use my laptop as Ian has the use of the study as he is now the student in the house. I have dared him to say that is what he does if he is asked by our new vicar or his wife. They are joining us next week, well the installation is next Wednesday but they moved into the vicarage at the beginning of the month.

I could set the laptop in the kitchen, our bedroom or the study but none of these locations seem right although we have internet access available in all rooms except son's bedroom and the lounge.

Anyway, reflections on the last couple of days. Yesterday was greater achievements than today as did much laundry, made a loaf in the evening whilst Ian was at OU tutorial. The bread meant a late night as the dough took a long while to rise, which made for a very tasty loaf but has made us tired today. Midnights are not us anymore. Today I played on my laptop, especially spending time on Archers websites and reading other people's blogs which are so fascinating, clever and absorbing.

This afternoon went off wearing my volunteers hat to the Local studies library where planning applications dating from 1880s are being prepared for scanning, indexing and adding to a data base. I so enjoy this work, some of the older plans are beautifully coloured, some are mainly concerned with drainage and others with the provision of new roads. Quite often look at the houses  on Google streetmap to see what they look like today.

Before I went to the library I bought purple socks for Ian to wear at our son's wedding next month. Purple is the theme colour for the wedding and I thought it would be fun for his socks to match his tie and my dress. When I came home he had a gift for me too, a string of pearls and earings in purple. They are so beautiful, I will feel so glamorous. Did I record that I bought a pair of L.K. Bennett shoes in Selfridges and then searched the West End for a hat? However, found the perfect hat in local M & S! That store had the largest range and variety of hats and other accessories compared with Oxford Street.

So, I'd better finish this, I feel so guilty when I have spent much time 'playing' here earlier in the day when there are so many other activities to be done. At least there is no ironing to be done now, but I have this so called Protestant ethic that I should be on the go all the time. We have much sorting out of family papers rescued from a loft, for although we cannot keep all the material we can offer it to relevant institutions. None of it is suitable for here or another  blog but will be of interest say to those interested in education in the early 20th century.

I missed many of the activities for Adult learning week so will see if I can be fitted in for something. Why wasn't I organised when the email came through a few weeks ago?

Would be pleased to have criticism, comments, views from anyone who reads this.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Midweek musings from PixieMum

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook: Wednesday 12th May

Outside My Window ...cold wind, still dry but so chilly. Have just been outside to retrieve recycling boxes so house looks loved.

I am thinking ...about all manner of things - in what fascinating times we live, lunch, when I will buy my Mother-of-the-Groom hat, chores to be done, how to be disciplined with myself and more motivated. Thinks perhaps laptop is becoming a good servant but a bad master.

From the learning rooms ... does this apply? Ian is awaiting results of his OU Maths TMA; daughter is attending an eight day course as part of her solicitor's training. I attended AGM of our local history society and heard an interesting talk about riots in Teddington against Patronal festival processions about 100 years ago. Talk accompanied by good illustrations. The arguments about high versus low church still reverberate now.

I am thankful ...a political crisis has been averted and that we have a government

From the kitchen ...nothing except washing up!

I am wearing ...pale blue warm cashmere polo neck jumper and black trousers. I told you it was cold didn't I?

I am creating ...still working on the kneeler but TV and news too fascinating to allow the counting of cross stitches last night.

I am going work on family history as have papers to sort out, photos to add to family tree and more research to do.

I am reading ...just newspapers at present but will start The Human Stain by Philip Roth so ready for reading group next month.

I am hoping ...that my damaged ligament is really healed and I never have such pain again.

I am hearing ...clock ticking and a plane going over the house.

Around the house ...we are having some carpets steam cleaned on Friday, especially those of very pale colour. Need to clean as our Treasure doesn't come this week.

One of my favourite things ...being home alone occasionally.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ..Ascension Day tomorrow, collecting for Christian Aid in High Street on Saturday.

Pictures I Am Sharing ...these are views from our bedroom window of the gardens we overlook. This year has been very good for blossom.

Can any one identify the blue tree in the foreground please?