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Monday, 28 June 2010

Late June

FOR TODAY Monday 28th June 2010
Outside my window...warmth, sunshine and towels drying on the whirley

I am thinking...what to do after this. Whether to read my Reading Group book or to sort out family history papers. Could do the former in the garden and the latter indoors during the evening

I am thankful for...the empty roads when I walked home from the Homelink Mediterranean lunch yesterday afternoon. Homelink is a Respite Day Care Centre based in our church  hall and like similar charities has struggled for funds. Brilliant 4 course meal and a drink, all home cooked for £16.00. Why do charities under charge? Made up cost with buying plenty of rafffle tickets. Meant I won a prize so chose a Sonata Gloxinia as I didn't want more alcohol. We acquire it quicker than we can drink it.

Whilst I was wining and dining dear Ian, and the rest of our church choir were singing at an ordination at St Mary Abbott in Kensington.

From the kitchen..nothing much happening after lunch which was a cottage pie. Cooked enough for two, one for us today and one for three servings another day which will be frozen. Food was slightly underflavoured though, will be even more bland after freezing.

I am wearing...sundress again and little else. I love this East dress, red/orange/pink colours in cotton seersucker, bias cut so loose and cool. Has to be handwashed as the colours gallop out but I then put it on whirly overnight and it is ready to wear again in the morning.

I am creating...ummmm, not doing well here

I am be at home next few days as our decorators, brothers M & D are to be painting soffits and other external  parts of the property.

I am book from Bill Bryson and Conan Doyle for reading group

I am hoping...daughter recognises how much she is drinking and is sensible whilst on holiday in Ibiza.

Around the house...need to tidy up, especially paperwork and Saturday's newpapers. I wonder why I don't devour them as much as I used to. Perhaps they are not so relevant to us, a bit repetative with the assumption that all are interested in football and beach holidays. I remember being bored at Folkestone beach at age of eight.

One of my favourite learning new things so we enjoyed a visit tothe Foundling Hosptial Museum on Saturday. Very low survival rate of the babies in the 18th and early 19th centuries, no wonder the many survivors were so successful in later life.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Our N registered Corsa goes for its MOT. Very basic model, not much in the way of electronics or vanity mirrors but less to go wrong. Miss air con in this weather but can manually open the windows!, Ian is singing at another ordination at St Paul's Cathedral on Saturday.

I must mention the blog that started this and many other Simple Woman's daybook blogs ....

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Power and Water

Been an unusual day, at last I've been able to start going out to play again as we call it. The first part of the year was marked by bad weather, heavy cold/flu then a damaged ligament. This healed just in time for our son's wedding. Whilst this was going on we discovered a damp wall adjoining the airing cubboard so no shower available while the humidifier ran constantly for a week. We dread the electricity bills!

So now, I'm picking up a social life again, seeing friends so went to V & A to link up with P. with whom I shared a house about 35 years ago. As usual we had coffee, chat and then lunch at the museum before seeing any exhibits. In fact, P. had to leave early in time to catch her train (or pay exhorbitant fares to travel home in rush hour) so we had a quick look at a couple of architectural structures but were not impressed.

After she'd left I found another one, a vertical bookcase around a staircase a bit wobbly in places as one climbed up but a sheepskin covered seat on the 'landing' looked inviting.

Not quite sure about why this structure was here but would have liked to have had time to sit and browse the books which any one was allowed to do.
Instead went to the Quilt exhibition, enjoyed it all although some of the modern ones were trying to hard to  put over a political message. I like the domestic rather than the political.

QUILTS: 1700 - 2010

Quilts: 1700 - 2010 About the Exhibition

Supported by the Friends of the V&A

20 March - 4 July 2010

About the exhibition

Bishops Court quilt, Unknown, 1690-1700. 
Museum no. T.201-1984 Bishops Court quilt, Unknown, 1690-1700. Museum no. T.201-1984
Came back home via District Line and SW trains, many of the commuters looked so fed up I assumed England had lost their world cup match but when I reached home found this was not the case. There had been a power cut in our area and then the water was cut off. Daughter had carried home 4 two litre containers and Ian had obtained supplies too which we shared with our neighbour.
Learnt from Facebook pal that water had been reconnected. Would happen on a very hot day, but we have hand gel so no worries. Watched the longest tennis match ever, the height of one player was amazing.

Tomorrow is another day and another lunch with another friend.
I feel so privileged to live in London, to be retired, in reasonable health and to be able to  visit museums, Kew Gardens and to have a lovely husband.

Greetings, Madeleine

Monday, 21 June 2010

Midsummer's Day 2010

Simple Woman's Day Book

Monday 21st June 2010

Mid summer's Day

Outside my window...sunshine, washing drying, including the white alb that Ian wears in the church choir. He is singing at St Mary Abbot's church this coming Sunday for our church choir has been chosen to sing at the ordination of priests in the Kensington diocese.

I am thinking...about supper preparation when I have completed this blog. Will be cold chicken with salad I think.

I am thankful annual visit to the Royal Brompton Hospital today. Am doing well, and have an appointment for a year's time to have an x-ray and lung function test. Could manage just one lung function test today but results were quite good.

For once we didn't walk along the King's Road but back to South Kensington via the Humming Bird bakery and as requested bought a red cake for daughter. We then had lunch in the Zetland Arms, I ordered fish and chips but only large portions available so both of us had coke, burger and chips. Managed to eat it all and enjoyed having something slightly unhealthy for once. The food tasted good and for once I ate it all.

From the learning rooms...darling Ian catching up on his maths after all the busyness of bathroom and renovating D-i-L and Son's house. 

They are back from honeymoon so treks to Hertfordshire are now finished, although there will be assistance given as required at weekends.

From the kitchen...jars of apricot jam I made last week, so far unlabelled.
I am wearing...East red Indian cotton dress. Changed when I came back from town as this dress is looser, but wore pink patterned dress and a pink cardigan to the hospital. Very 50s / Michelle Obama styling.

I am a charity lunch on Sunday with daughter whilst Ian is singing in St Mary Abbott.

I am reading...not enough, haven't started Conan Doyle after all.

I am hoping...warm weather continues, but not the humidity.

I am hearing...Ian upstairs moving about in the office/computer chair.

Around the house...the washing machine on a final spin cycle.

One of my favourite things...the view of Richmond Hill and the River Thames from SW trains.

A few plans for the rest of the week: tomorrow: working voluntarily at Local Studies; Wednesday meeting friend/former flatmaste at V & A Museum for culture, chat & lunch; Thursday meeting former colleague for lunch and chat; Friday possible walk around Epsom Downs; Saturday visit to the Foundling Museum with Local history society.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

  A link back to the main page of Simplewoman's daybook blog. from whom I copied this idea for my blogs.

Greetings to all, PixieMum 

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Thirty one years

Outside my window...sunshine with a breeze

I am thinking...of the past 31 years today I have been married to Ian

I am thankful for...Ian, so pleased that I have been able to make him happy, give him peace and support him through difficult times and to share and enjoy the fun and happiness together

From the learning rooms...silence, Ian hasn't worked on his OU maths today although he has received emails from other students.

From the kitchen...nothing. We need to empty the dishwasher and add salt and possibly rinse aid.

I am nightdress and pink checked housecoat.

I am going... well we are going to Brown's Hotel, Albemarle Street, London for afternoon tea at 4pm to celebrate our wedding anniversary today. This tea was our Christmas gift from our son and daughter and we chose the date to use it.

I am reading...the Daily Telegraph and have yet to start Conan Doyle's Sign of Four which is the reading group's book this month.

I am hoping...the upheavals caused by the damp wall in the bathroom are finally over. It is a pleasure that the shower is working again.

I am hearing...Ian walking about upstairs and the clocks ticking.

Around the house...bit untidy. Tools in the hall as Ian is still working on son and daughter in law's house before they return from their Canadian honeymoon.

One of my favourite things...going to London

A few plans for the rest of the week: meeting daughter for late night shopping tomorrow evening
Here is picture of daughter taken at another wedding, welcoming the honeymooners back at Heathrow Airport

Many thanks to the person who started this idea - 

Would be interested to know if anyone read this blog, please let me know, you don't have to leave a comment per se. Thanks PixieMum

Monday, 7 June 2010

Wedding of the year

Simple Woman's Daybook: 7th June

Outside My Window ... still dry, pleasantly warm with a slight breeze that has enabled us to have a pile of washing awaiting ironing.

I am thinking ... about how exciting the past few days have been for last Saturday, 5th June 2010 our son, Adam married Juliet Oakes.
Don't have pictures of them during the ceremony as we were asked not to take them, also as Mother of Groom I was concentrating on when I went to sign the Register as a witness. 

Picture of me and Ian before the ceremony though!
Felt bit tearful as first hymn was "How great thou art" and I feel emotional during that at the best of times but otherwise ok. Both bride and groom said their vows clearly during the traditional service, indeed Juliet promised to obey, just as I did nearly 31 years ago. Other hymn was Crimond, a favourite of my Mother's although Adam may not have known that. Our daughter, Martha, read from Song of Songs; Juliet's sisters read before her.

However a picture of them leaving, one can just see the naval reserve guard of honour.
The reception was at HMS President the shore based naval reserve base situated near Tower Bridge, coaches were laid on for those who did not wish to drive. Hit some traffic from the City Road but once at venue the sight of Tower Bridge and the views were jaw dropping.
 Brilliant setting for photo opportunities, plenty of space to perambulate and to chat to other guests in perfect weather. 

We had the meal in the ward room, plenty of serving staff and excellent food, duck pate with salad; roast beef and veg (liked the manner in which courgettes were served); and sweet was chocoate mousse with strawberries. The favours were lovely chocolates packed by Juliet's sisters, the tables had jars of sweets and puzzle books in case anyone was bored. No chance of that!
We had usual speeches, groom's sister and their cousins had a sweepstake on the timings won by daughter. the groom recounted how he and Juliet met eleven months ago.

Highlight of the evening for this proud parent was their first dance for unbeknown to us the couple had been taking dancing lessons and took to the floor to Diana Ross singing "Your love".


From the learning rooms ...Ian has spent much of the day doing sums i.e. OU maths

I am thankful ... for family, for Juliet and Adam, for a lovely wedding and for my lovely husband Ian.

From the kitchen ...Nothing happening except tea things to be washed up.

I am wearing ... full length cream coloured linen skirt, navy blue patterned blouse, bare feet.
.I am going ...nowhere, although I need to plant some sunflowers raised from seed in the front garden and climb Mount Ironmore.

I am reading ... The Human Stain by Philip Roth, plus I need to catch up on last Saturday's newpapers.

A picture thought I am sharing ......This is the wedding cake made by friend. The swan, acorns and the oaks are a play on the surnames of the bridge and groom!

I am hearing ... Sarah Kennedy's early morning radio programme on iPlayer, far too early to hear at 5am

Around the house ...pile of ironing, clothes worn at the wedding, including the bride's dress and groom's uniform

One of my favourite things cream vans still chiming around our suburban street. Last Sunday week Ian went out and  bought five 99s and we all stood in the front garden eating ice cream cornets in the sunshine. The chimes were playing "Teddy Bears picnic"

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... voluntary work at Local Studies, church fair on Saturday, organising social life as I have been neglecting my friends.