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Friday, 18 December 2015

Baby surprise jacket.

All complete, buttons sewn on the right side for great nephew Noah to wear this jacket. 

Three views of my take on the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, bought way back in May this year at the Knitting Parlour in Malvern. 

Monday, 7 December 2015

Still blogging.

Last Thursday we were able to see grandson at one of his regular swimming classes, held in a warm hydrotherapy pool at a local school, half an hour of activity in the water, idea is to make sure baby has no fear of water, also good for mums to socialise especially if they are home alone in a town away from long time friends and family. 

Had a very good weekend, Martha drove up from Dorset on Friday, Saturday we went to Town, thankfully SW trains didn't have problems so after clothes shopping we taxied to Fortnum & Masons for lunch.  It was fortunate we were early, gave us an opportunity to look around the store, I bought a naff swan tree decoration, then to lunch. Very wisely Martha had booked a table, tried not to look smug as we swept up the steps to the Balcony and our table with this view:-

For those who are interested, had turkey and Christmas pudding, delightful surprise as Martha ordered champagne as well, she knows how to please her Mother. 

The crowds in the store had increased so much after lunch that we purchased some seasonal food items before going to the calmer surroundings of Peter Jones. Must say that every time I go there the haberdashery and especially knitting area seems to have shrunk. Good thing I have plenty of stash. 

Came home to find Ian had won some super prizes at church fair, including a box of Jo Malone products. 

On Sunday sort of decluttered, Martha took back a linen box that had been my mother's, she had stained it herself, it was a item of furniture that had always been in my family home, so I kept it when the family home was cleared as it provided useful storage. Now we have a big task to bring together bedding, towels and table linen, decide what to keep and how to dispose of the rest. No one uses duchess sets, tray cloths and we could supply plenty of table napkins for a catering business which brings to mind the china we have. The reason we have so much is neither of our siblings wanted these items from our respective parents' homes,  some is  from a relation whose house we cleared and we bought this house fully furnished. 

This doesn't give an idea of scale but it fitted easily into Martha's car - a Juke - with the back seat down.