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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Catching up.

A quick summary why I haven’t blogged so much, a broken tooth with an abscess underneath and the visitation of family over Easter weekend.

Couple of weeks ago I felt unwell, nothing specific just felt grotty, lack of energy, jaw became painful, saw an emergency dentist (thanks to 111) who identified an abscess and broken tooth, attended my usual dentist, tomorrow the tooth will be extracted, no general anaesthetic this time compared with September 2014 when I last had a similar problem with a mouth infection.

Other reason life has been busy is the grandchildren and their parents came to stay last weekend, Edward had had chicken pox, on Saturday morning Alice succumbed, poor mite it was worse for her coupled with eczema and warm weather so much so that her temperature shot up that she ended up at local hospital’s children’s A & E. Meanwhile Ian and I enjoyed caring for Edward, supper, watering the garden, bath time and story time.  Apart from Rosie’s hat he asked for Macavity, I hadn’t read Eliot’s work since first year of secondary school, did my best with intonation whilst wondering whether the 1930s references would mean anything to a twenty first century child. Alice is recovering, no nursery this week.

Whilst  family stay we try to make their time restful and a break from routine so they don’t have to worry about domestic and catering, hence our busyness before, during and after their visits, hence little time for blogging, emailing, crochet, reading or sudoku, but so worth it to spend time with those children.

Will add photos at end, if I add them with text cannot scroll up!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


I’m going to type my thoughts then hope I can add two photos at the end, both pictures will be of relevance to growth, one natural, one crafted.

Ian has been growing flowers for both our garden and for the church grounds from seeds, not easy when one doesn’t have a greenhouse or cold frame, so our porch shelves and floor have been filled with trays of begonias baby sweet peas, upstairs on a wide bay window cill are nasturtiums, phlox, campanula, more sweet peas and more begonias.  Such joy to see the minute dots of green peeping through the potting  compost. The fragile  pots apparently will dissolve away once they are planted into the flower bed - no plastic here.

So what else is growing? Crochet, the moorland blanket has grown now I’m using the easy trellis stitch and a larger hook, the photo shows the larger open stitch compared with the tight tension of the neat wave pattern, the colour sequence hasn’t changed.