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Sunday, 22 April 2012

At last, my blog has arrived.

Hi everyone.

It's been some time but real life has just meant no time to sit at the laptop and chat with you all. Will be brief this afternoon as we are going to the Dedication for the baby for whom I made the jacket and hat. Feel very privileged to be invited.

So what have we been doing? Spending time at the homes of our son and daughter. The visits to Martha were wrapped around Easter, we were home for Good Friday and Easter Day but otherwise helping her to assemble nearly a tonne of IKEA furniture. Actually the help was needed when construction required two people and Ian's technical knowledge for fixing furniture to the walls.

Picture shows Martha assembling her bed, a priority as she had been sleeping on an air mattress that deflated as the night went on.

Last week we went to Sussex by train, much more relaxing than driving on A24, I could knit and Ian could look at his maths. Private Eye, Economist or History Today. These magazines have been green gifts for him and I get to look at them too. Talking of gifts he has had a birthday recently so he has received, amongst other things, a bird bath and an iPad3 with 3G too. Has turned out even more useful than I thought as he's uploaded all his OU material on there so it will be of assistance in his studies.
Every one knows what a iPad with a green cover looks like so here is a poor photo of the bird bath. Not been over used by our visitors but we will give it time. Aesthetically it looks better than plastic saucers on the patio.

Will write more later, but meanwhile he is the phone cover I designed and knitted for my new iPhone, rather pleased with it. Moss stitch with ribbing at the top to keep the phone snug.