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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Simple Woman's Daybook: 30th November

Outside My Window ... snowing, windy, grey but fortunately snow is not settling.

I am thankful ... that our son is not going to Afghanistan with the naval reserve. There are enough naval personnel from the decommissioned vessels to go instead of reserves. Good for a couple who have been married barely 6 months.

From the kitchen ... Ian has just gone downstairs to make a quick lunch before he goes to U3A art.

I am wearing ... M & S long grey warm skirt, Uniqlo blue polo neck jumper and matching cardigan. I bought this skirt over three years ago for I thought it would be warm to wear to work. At that time I was working as a cataloguer behind the scenes at a London public library. I left before the winter, suddenly decided I'd had enough of the bullying manager.  Never regretted going.

I am going ... nowhere today. Healthwise I will stay indoors.

I am reading ... Diary of a nobody. Picked it up from reading group yesterday.

I am hoping ... that Martha's training for the London Marathon will go well and she receives much sponsorship for pancreatic cancer in memory of 27 year old Gemma. Martha's just giving website is . I will be reminding you of this until 17th April and beyond.

Around the house ... house creaking, always does this with central heating.

I am creating ... last 10 cms of the neck of my polo neck jumper. Have been taught the magic loop system for using circular needles. 
Yesterday went along road to see Mel and was shown that I was knitting my socks inside out, using the needles the wrong way. Have been advised to buy Knit pro sock circular needles. Needed 2.5 size and phoned Ian who just happened to be in Kingston but John Lewis didn't have that size. Everything either side. Will try Mrs Moon our local yarn shop where I go to knit, chat and receive advice every other Thursday.

A Picture Thought I Am Sharing ... 

Time for lunch, so byeee, don't forget to look at Martha's website.


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Friday, 26 November 2010

London Marathon

Just had some exciting news and wish to share it with everyone.

Martha, darling daughter, has a place in next year's London marathon to run in support of pancreatic cancer. This is in memory of Gemma Harrison her friend from primary school and church choir days. Gemma died in August aged 27 from pancreatic cancer.

Martha has to raise funds whilst training so will be looking for ways to help her raise money for this good cause.

Off to do ironing and sew up shoulder seams on knitting before making neck. The mundane must carry on.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


WednesDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook: 24nd November

Outside My Window ... looks a bit cold and sunny.

I am thinking ... of a good day on Sunday when Juliet and Adam came over to show us their book of wedding pictures. Suspect ours will be our Christmas gift. Beautifully done, so different from mounted pictures in album, more like all those real photo books I catalogued in my last job.
From the learning rooms ... Ian is working out how to register his new Sony Vaio netbook that is his Christmas gift from me. Will be easier to take to OU tutorials than laptop.

From the kitchen ... Ian has just made me a cup of peppermint tea; must ensure he has a drink too.
I am wearing ... long grey skirt, cream blouse and red V neck jumper.

I am creating ... pink jumper still, am well on with second sleeve. For the first time I am going to block work before knitting neck on round needles.

I am going ... to Breathe Easy this afternoon, talk on stamps. Not sure whether will be interesting but one never knows. Grateful to Breathe Easy as in January will be starting Pulmonary rehab in the gym at the local cottage style hospital.

I am hoping ... we don't have snow tomorrow, our local High Street has a Christmas event with local school children involved. Last year it was torrential rain.

Around the house ... fairly tidy as Treasure sorted us out last week.

One of my favourite things ... Ian and I doing stuff together. On Monday it was ALMA, (Angola London Mozambique Association) an initiative of the former Bishop of Kensington to help the churches in Angola and Mozambique. We are reps and main thing seems to be keep the association in the minds of the congregation and some prayer. Next time I am responsible for intercessions will give them a plug.
Yesterday Ian and I went to talks given by members of the Boroughs three local history societies around the theme of changing High streets. Fascinating how each was interpreted. 

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... Breathe Easy Group. Will try to ensure leader lets me pick her up in my car, she doesn't live far away but the journey requires two buses with poor connections, she doesn't drive and manouevres a shopping trolley full of papers. She let me give her a lift home last month so I hope I can help her again. 

A Picture Thought I Am Sharing ...

My new haircut! Have gone from almost shoulder length to very short. Had been bored with long hair, it kept getting in my eyes and as I've had two bouts of conjunctivitis in six weeks decided, in meaningful discussions with my friend S. who is a brilliant hairdresser, to have a different look.

Pictures taken by dear husband just before we went to our local history event.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook: mid November

TuesDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook: 16th November

Outside My Window ...fog and cold. Fog getting denser as I type so pleased didn't go out this afternoon.

I am thankful ... for all the help I am receiving so I can manage COPD. Had an appointment with local Pulmonary rehab people this morning, was assessed and will start a twice weekly exercise class at local hospital to help breathing. My lung function was 32%; severe is less than 30% nuff said. This is from one who has never smoked. I have useful self management plan booklet too.

From the kitchen ... have made pastry for quiche, have to prepare filling, also need to stew apples for sweet.

I am wearing trousers, charcoal grey polo neck with matching cardigan (both from Uniqlo) and my favourite silk multicoloured Tradecraft scarf.

I am creating ... finished front of jumper so just sleeves to knit (40 rows done so far) and then the big collar. For the first time I am going to try blocking but not sure whether it should be done before any seam is sewn or to sew shoulder seams, knit collar and then block. Will ask/seek advice.

I am going ...  to Big Game 3 (Harlequins v London Irish - so a local derby) in a party of 7: 2 cousins; 2 kids + 1 DiL; 1 DH & me. We are planning to take them out for meal afterwards to keep it relaxed and the fun going.

I am reading ... The return of the dancing master by Henning Mankel for reading group but am not motivated to find out whodunnit. Also reading knitting magazine Ian bought me yesterday. Want to knit hat next using stash yarn or a light and lacy cardigan to go over black dress.

 am hearing ... Radio 2 playing nonstop oldies

Around the house ... Mount Ironmore to climb

One of my favourite things ... sense of satisfaction when stitch numbers line up with the pattern/

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... two funerals this week, both elderly ladies with links with our church; friend coming for hair cuts, both mine and Ian's.

A Picture Thought I Am Sharing ...  I read of ways of storing knitting needles, especially very old or pretty ones so have put them in a jug I made and painted. This was at the Manor House hotel near Okehampton. Hotel that can be recommended thoroughly, although main activity is advertised as golf there are all other sports plus craft centre. Learnt cross stitch there, made jewellery, pottery, glassware etc. Ideal for families where teens to young to go off alone yet don't wish to be with parents. Ours joined us just for dinner. Can do water sports, walking on moors or read quietly in grounds or lounges. Good pampering too, had massages and reflexology.

That's all folks, enjoy reading. Byeeee, PixieMum

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Simple Woman's daybook: written throughout Tuesday 9th November

g Ple

Outside My Window ... rain, wind, cold, gloom

I am thinking ... that it was pleasant of my son to ring and chat, usually his calls are very brief but today he nattered away. Marriage has made him so happy. Last week his wife wasn't able to have time off for funeral but she came here after work and returned my cake tin. She said she couldn't return it empty so we have enjoyed and shared a lovely light chocolate cake. 

From the learning rooms ... Ian still revising maths for a course starting in February; my learning is picking up knitting skills again.

I am thankful ... the Stan's funeral has taken place. Don't wish to say much here but my sister and her husband cut us, and worse, made no effort to talk to the other mourners. She spoke to the carers from the home and the solicitor but no one else. As my children knew Stan they came and were of great support.

From the kitchen ... 2 loaves proving in the top of the broom cupboard, very useful place to put the large tupperware boxes in which we put the bread tins. Means no mucking about with cling film sticking to the dough. In the summer we put the boxes in the window and use the warmth of the sun. Recipe, rapid light wholemeal loaf is from The Bread Book, by Sara Lewis. It's half white flour and half wholemeal so healthy not heavy. Recipe is good as it give s quantities for three different tin sizes.

I am wearing ... blue M & S jeans, Earth collection cream wool and silk blouse and navy V neck cable Crew Clothing jumper

I am creating ... my roll neck sweater in Rowan Alpaca cotton, have got as far as top of the back.

I am reading ...   The return of the dancing master by Henning Mankell. Not exactly  losing myself in it, will keep trying but it is slow going. If it wasn't a reading group book would never have started it.

I am hoping ...  
to be organised, clear out more stuff, ruthlessly clear my wardrobe and try to have the study clear. Need to file correspondence too.

I am hearing ...  very little, don't even have the radio on.

Around the house ...   smell of the bread baking

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...
home group on Thursday evening, will attempt to go to Mrs Moon to knit and chat. Will take abandoned sock knitting along. Will there be 2 minute silence at 11? After that meeting former colleague for lunch, gossip and catchup.

Pictures of my stash I am sharing ....


Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Just a brief resumé for my readers: good and not so good stuff.

Firstly, have finished scarf made from black acrylic from stash. (I know there is some dislike of acrylic in posh knitting circles but it is good for avoiding itchiness with real wool)

Anyway, some pictures taken of Ian in our hall before he went out yesterday, wearing scarf with coat.

As detail not clear, the scarf is knit 2, purl 2 rib and is a long as the two balls of yarn.

Haven't done much of my jumper yesterday as was trying to put words together about Stan for the funeral tomorrow. The minister who is taking service rang about lunchtime, rather short notice,  and yes, I knew I may have to do something like this but didn't. It was all in my head. Ian has been brilliant sorting pictures of Stan to accompany the notes to be emailed to minister.

Now have to find a CD with suitable music to play as we leave chapel for the grave, given Stan and his wife loved ballroom dancing something Victor Sylvester would be appropriate.

Need to plan meals too, family back home after funeral, joined by DiL so will have to have meal prepared. 

all very stressful, I'm so good at procrastinating, like doing this.

Will go now, report back. 

Madeleine PixieMum