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Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Just a brief resumé for my readers: good and not so good stuff.

Firstly, have finished scarf made from black acrylic from stash. (I know there is some dislike of acrylic in posh knitting circles but it is good for avoiding itchiness with real wool)

Anyway, some pictures taken of Ian in our hall before he went out yesterday, wearing scarf with coat.

As detail not clear, the scarf is knit 2, purl 2 rib and is a long as the two balls of yarn.

Haven't done much of my jumper yesterday as was trying to put words together about Stan for the funeral tomorrow. The minister who is taking service rang about lunchtime, rather short notice,  and yes, I knew I may have to do something like this but didn't. It was all in my head. Ian has been brilliant sorting pictures of Stan to accompany the notes to be emailed to minister.

Now have to find a CD with suitable music to play as we leave chapel for the grave, given Stan and his wife loved ballroom dancing something Victor Sylvester would be appropriate.

Need to plan meals too, family back home after funeral, joined by DiL so will have to have meal prepared. 

all very stressful, I'm so good at procrastinating, like doing this.

Will go now, report back. 

Madeleine PixieMum

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  1. Every sympathy. A few weeks ago I had to give the eulogy at Mother-in-laws funeral service. I mixed anecdotes pointing out her many strong point and her sheer charm, together with a factual account of her life. Then canvassed my grandchildren, who were all very fond of their great gandmother, and gave me some lovely, honest comments. Then I lifted a few bits from the condolence letters we'd received, and in the end it wasn't a case of getting enough good stuff for a fifteen minute eulogy, but of what I could bear to leave out to cut it down to a respectable twenty minutes or so. The only other thing I had to do, was to sort it into roughly chronological order.
    Hope this helps.
    Regards, Mike.