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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Birthday week


Simple Woman's Daybook: 26th October: Daughter's 28th birthday

Outside My Window ... cold, dank, wet, windy; yesterday's weather was so beautiful today I feel the cold creeping into me.

I am thinking ...about the friends of Stan who have contacted me following his death and how we all have a different vision of a person. So true for Stan and his wife who lived their life in separate compartments.

I am thankful ... for the old fashioned knitting patterns that Martha bought back from Edinburgh for me. She said she rejected some as the styles were so bad. What could she mean?

From the kitchen ...veggie soup & bread, both homemade for lunch; for supper we will have haggis that Martha brought back from Scotland.

I am wearing ... jeans, cream warm shirt from The Earth Collection and red V neck jumper from Uniqlo. Will add multicoloured Tradecraft silk scarf to this later. Jeans are so good as I keep Ventolin inhaler & phone in pockets instead of rushing around like a banshee looking for them.

I am creating ...a Dr Who style scarf using donated black acrylic yarn. Have knitted almost all 50g but will use some of second ball as the scarf is just 40 stitches wide, knit 2 purl 2 rib and will not be long enough for Ian to wrap around. As it is narrow wrapping will be essential. 

Not clear that the yarn is black in these pictures, but photos show the pattern.

I am going ... to Local studies to help with digitalisation project, either will be stuffing returned plans back into packs or preparing plans for scanning.
I am reading ... well, have just had phone call from friend in local library to say the latest Maeve Binchy I reserved has come in and she will pop it through my door. Not highbrow reading but just the thing for chilly days and escape. Still not really able to knit and read at same time but have hopes when I start jumper which is largely stocking stitch.

I am hoping ... all the fireplace work will be completed soon. The chimney stack pointing estimate has been accepted; the contract for chimney lining is to be checked and liaison with the fireplace company organised. Thank goodness Ian is qualified to project manage all this.

I am hearing ... study clock ticking and house creaks.
Around the house ... creaks and groans. The house is so noisy when the heating is on.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... joining the other knitters as Mrs Moon, maybe they can show me where I went wrong with the socks. Strollers walk on Saturday, weather and health permitting.
well guess that is it my friends. As usual as soon as I've sent this missive into the ether some brilliant thought will occur to me. Anyway, let me have your lovely thoughts, hope life is good for everyone who comes by here,

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  1. Hi Pixiemum,
    Just catching up at last !
    The pot of Chrysanthemums is gorgeous ! I resurrected some from last year but they are a bit pathetic. Think they suffered from neglect !
    Hope you get the socks sorted out. Think it is difficult to avoid seeing the join between needles. I believe you can avoid this by moving on a couple of stitches at each needle change-. never actually tried it as I always try to keep the wool tight at change over . The joins seem to disappear when you wash the socks anyway !! Good luck with them !
    The mohair cardigan looks to be an interesting project. I love using this fibre !
    Martha looks smart and cosy In her coat !