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Monday, 22 February 2010

Simple Woman's daybook from London

Outside my grey, rain and cold

I am thinking...about being more productive and not surfing on my lap top

I am thankful darling husband, who drove daughter to work this morning and then went to Waitrose for shopping

I am wearing...grey wool trousers, pink t-shirt and pink jumper and red stripy socks

I am is Lent and I should do more reading and contemplating

I am going... to put the new covers on our suite today, move cushions around; cover on the futon in the study and more cushions moved.

I am currently reading..."Woman's hour: celebrating 60 years of women's lives"

I am hoping...the wedding preparations go well for son and his fiancée

On my mind...the enjoyment obtained on Saturday at Tate Modern and The Anchor; how crowded and packed with people everywhere was.

Noticing that...the lighter evenings but still so cold

Pondering these words... That peace which the world cannot give.

From the kitchen... chocolate brownies made by Ian for the Mustardland Tate meet

Around the house... all of it, but especially the new bookshelves in the hall. So many books to read.

One of my favourite things ..a refreshing cup of tea

Monday, 1 February 2010

First simple woman's daybook

Monday 1st February 2010..
Outside my window...watching the birds at our three feeders. Husband thinks they have been using Twitter to tell each other about the new RSPB approved food. Very busy at the feeders, we will need to refill very soon.

I am thinking...about the friend whose funeral I attended three hours ago, she was younger than me, her illness (Cancer) had been disagnosed just 6 months ago. Interesting meeting other people I knew who knew her but we wouldn't have known that Clare was a link between us. Learnt a lot about her, feel so sorry for her daughter, no Mother, and same age as my daughter.

I am thankful for...being here, in spite of asthma, heavy cold, bronchiectasis.

From the kitchen...the views of our garden, a few green vegetables still to be harvested but most of all the birds around the feeders.

I am wearing...a long grey wool skirt, charcoal grey polo neck jumper and matching cardigan.

I am creating...a cross stitch kneeler. Finding it quite difficult to ensure pattern matches on all four sides.

I am going to a talk at Local history society this evening

I am reading "Woman's Hour: celebrating 60 years of women's lives".

Around the house husband has painted walls to keep the high standard of decoration. All walls are magnolia but some walls become grubbier than others over time ...

One of my favourite things is when husband & I are working together in our study, not talking but still together whilst we pursue our own interests

Plans for the week include reading book, "The god of small things" for reading group. Have 27 days to do so

Photo is of our cat, really missed after nearly 6 years, he was so part of our lives and irreplaceable.