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Friday, 28 October 2011

Changing times

Well life for this household is going to be mighty different from this week.

Last Monday darling daughter drove away with a few belongings in her car to live in Sussex by the Sea.

On Wednesday it was her birthday so we braved the heavy rain and hail to drive south to see her and deliver her pressies and to take her out to lunch. Research had been done to find a good restaurant in Chichester, none of us realised quite how far it was, nor how one small set of road works could cause such interminable queues, nor how heavy the rain would be once we reached a space in a car park.

So we turned tail and ate at White Swan near Arundel, ok usual pub food.

More jams ahead .....

Next day, another long drive and rain to Aylesbury to help Adam with DIY, always helps to have another pair of hands. Also I am now familiar with the stock at B&Q, more building materials less fluffiness than Homebase so it is good both stores have branches locally for Adam and Juliet. On a prosaic note the countryside looked fabulous, it is a colourful Autumn and the Chilterns excelled in their colours. Should have taken pictures but doubtful about the quality when inside the car.

Have spent much time this week searching for my hexipuff knitting, have revisited locations where I might have had need to open my big Radley handbag. Luckily, was just carrying around the half completed hexipuff on the Magic Loop and was at the tail end of the Rowan purelife organic cotton yarn in oak bark colour that was being used and not the rest of my kit. The house and cars have been turned upside down, phone calls made, church searched. I have spare Magic Loop but the needles are 3.75 not 3.5 as per Little Owls pattern. Should be okay for now, I am a tight knitter sometimes. Tight as in tension, not tight as in drunk or as in mean. I hope I am a generous person and nowadays it seems I rarely have alcohol. Not sure why, I like a glass of good red, but it doesn't fit with lifestyle and I will not have drink if I am driving or expect to drive in the next 24 hours.

Stay at home day, laundry chores but anyway just didn't wish to go out. I like my home and have plenty to do here.

Good night to my readers and fellow bloggers.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Ends and beginnings

MONDAY, 17th October 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 

Outside My Window ... Cool, cloudy, breezy. Was sunny earlier

I am thinking ... about how I can be more proactive, not just sitting at computer and iPad but to achieve more than a few rows of knitting each day, sorting family history papers and file the print outs and maybe even completing the indexing of local history publications that I started a while back. It is not just hobbies and interests, need to sort out linen, will need to send Martha off with bedding and towels for instance. We have plenty!

From the learning rooms ... to quote dear Ian "the maths books have been put on the top shelf". I laughed, but it is good that he will have a break. We have lots to do, the garden, I would like some shelves in our porch for plants, tidy out and declutter the house and maybe going out to play if the weather isn't too cold.

I am thankful ... that Ian's course next year is all tutor marked assessment and no end of year exam. So much better, the cut off dates are in the diary already.

From the kitchen ... oven on for evening meal, Martha bought a pie from new butcher in Twickenham so we hope she will prepare all the meal. I had started to defrost beef from the freezer, but unbeknown to Martha, had doubts whether defrosting would happen in time for cooking and eating today so it has worked out well.

I am wearing ... Black East dress, with orangey-red CC cardigan and multicoloured Tradecraft scarf.

I am creating ... my 44th hexipuff; well on with cardigan now, about 70 rows of the back knitted.

I am reading or will be ... Henry's sisters by Cathy Lamb. The new book was given out at our reading group this morning. Reminds me to download another book from the public library collection, not that we don't have enough books to read here but because I can. Another skill I have taught myself. 

I am hoping ... Ian has good results from his OU maths exam which he took today. He's back home, very tired, well we did wake at 6.20am this morning and 3 hours of maths sounds horrendous.
I am hearing ... radio 2 whilst typing this.

Around the house .. Martha is starting to sort out her belongings before she sets sail for West Sussex, just a week to go. Very generous gift from her colleagues, so we hit the Kingston shops on Saturday to see what she could buy with her voucher. Was a good day, I found a pair of shoes, wanted black, smart but not high heels and she spotted the right ones in Jones the bootmakers. We had lunch out, and I was photographed knitting whilst waiting for the risotto.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... not sure, have a cold, have started the antibiotics today but any plans will depend on how I feel. May check whether I should be taking steroids too, anything to avoid the dreaded Winter chest infection.
A Picture Thought I Am Sharing ...

View from Twickenham side of River Thames looking towards Petersham Meadows. Picture taken yesterday.

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