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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wednesday 28th April - my late Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... Hazy sunshine, bit breezy but the blossom on all the trees is so magnificent.

I am thinking... how I managed to get up at 5. 15 am this morning to help Ian leave at 6am to drive north to Hertfordshire where he is working on building wardrobes, storage units and decorating our daughter-in-law-to be's home.

I am thankful for... feeling better and hoping the pain from the damaged limit will go so my right thigh no longer feels like a heavy weight as I walk.

From the learning rooms... Just Ian will be working on his next TMA for his OU maths course.

From the kitchen... Not much happening there, just some drying up but will soon be preparing a lunch for myself.

I am thankful for...finding an outfit from CC (originally Country Casuals) for son's wedding in June. Just the hat and footwear to find now.

.I am wearing... M & S black trousers and striped blouse from Thomas Pink. Really need a jumper or cardigan on too.

I am going... to meeting of Breathe Easy, a support group of British Lung Foundation. (I suffer from asthma & bronchiectasis - and I'm a lifetime non smoker)

I am reading... Susan Hill's latest Simon Serailler crime novel called "The shadows in the street"

I am hoping... to fit in climbing Mount Ironmore.

I am hearing... an aircraft flying over. The peace and clean air was so good when Heathrow airport was closed. I do have sympathy for travellers but there is a silver lining to every disaster.

Around the house... silence, apart from a ticking clock.

One of my favourite things... having the house to myself for once.

A few plans for the rest of the week: voluntary work at the local studies library, no particular plans for the Bank Holiday weekend.

 Here is a picture for thought I am sharing. This is our local suburban High Street where last Saturday our patron saint's day, St. George's day was celebrated with a procession, the street was closed to cars and there were charity stalls, food and drink and children's activities. The community has been trying to be noticed, we are a neglected part of the borough as we don't have celebrities living here and most of the properties are 1930s rather than fashionable Georgian and Victorian piles. However, the properties are good sizes, more realistic prices and there are many professional residents here who appreciate the good train service into London, the village atmosphere, the personal service in the local shops and good primary schools

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday 21st April 2010

Outside my window... bright, sunny and chilly but for the first time in days there are a few contrails in the sky.

I am thinking... of how much time I have wasted playing around on my laptop today when there is Mount Ironmore to climb, I need to shop, send some emails and do some dusting.

I am thankful in a friendly community. Whilst struggling home with shopping last Saturday friend's husband took all of it and brought it in and put it on the kitchen table.

From the learning rooms... yesterday I was at our  Local studies library where, amongst others, I have become a volunteer. The library has been given planning applications dating from about 1880s to 1950s for the three former boroughs that came together to form one borough in 1963. The planning applications are beautiful drawings of buildings that in many cases were never built, but others are still in existance today. The collection is to be digitalised and scanned, thanks to a grant from the lottery heritage fund. We volunteers are recording information for the data base. So much my interests, as a librarian, as an indexer, as a local resident whose family has been in the area for over 100 years, as one interested in buildings. I commence work next week for a couple of hours one afternoon.

From the kitchen... not much. I'm eating ham salad for lunch so no cooking.

I am wearing... black trousers, pink and black spotted pleated blouse

I am creating... This latest blog.

I am going... To Whitton to buy carrots!

I am reading... nothing, but will start Joanna Trollope's 'The other family' collected it yesterday from library.

I am hoping... my friend and her family will be able to fly from Luton Airport to Lanzorotte tomorrow. She needs and deserves a holiday so much.

I am hearing... One of the first aircraft to fly over our home since Heathrow was opened again last night. Usually we would have so many planes and much noise as it is high pressure weather at present.

Around the house... It is very quiet as I am home alone. Ian has gone to build in wardrobes in our DIL 2B's house and add more storage for her. It is so good he is practical but needs to fit it in with his Open University maths. studies. He has a tutorial on Monday, but is well ahead and understands the work.

One of my favourite things...Time in the morning to read the daily newspaper and attempt the quick crossword. Difficult one today.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Attending a talk tomorrow evening about how Christians can live a green life and care for His world. on Saturday there are celebrations for the Silver wedding of Caroline and Nigel. There is a service of thanksgiving and a bit of a do afterwards. C & N went to Seychelles as a celebration and because of the Volcanic ash were in Zurich for a few days before travelling on a ferry and reaching home four days late. They were well treated by Air Seychelles so this airline is to be commended.

To anyone who reads this would you please comment? Even if just to tell me that some one has read this!

Many thanks, PixieMum

Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday 12th April 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook: 12th April 2010

Outside My Window ... a clear, dry chilly morning, rather windy. Suburban street where postman has just delivered the mail.

I am thinking ... will this be the week when the damaged ligament heals and the trapped nerve is released.

From the learning rooms ... Husband still enthusiastic about his OU maths course for which he has a tutorial in Camden this evening.

I am thankful ... that I managed to go to church yesterday although still in pain.

From the kitchen ... chaos. I haven't washed up the breakfast crockery yet.

I am wearing ... underwear and acquamarine dressing gown as breakfast was ready and no time to select outfit.

I am creating ... nothing but must continue with cross stitch kneeler

I am going ... to see the physiotherapist today, hope she can help some more.

I am reading ... nothing as haven't started another book since finishing "Girl with dragon tattoo" for reading group next Monday .

I am hoping ... . for all to be well

I am hearing ... Sarah Kennedy's Radio 2 programme on i-player originally broadcast between 5 and 7am, far too early for us retired layabouts.

Around the house ... tidy house as our Treasure was here last Thursday and we have tried to keep it like that..

One of my favorite things ... my computer so I can catch up on programmes broadcast at inconvenient times

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... Today (Monday) physiotherapist and local history society talk this evening; on Thursday a  talk and demonstrations about living a Green life as much as possible. Plan to contact friends so I can resume a social life even though still in pain, it would be a distraction.