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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday 21st April 2010

Outside my window... bright, sunny and chilly but for the first time in days there are a few contrails in the sky.

I am thinking... of how much time I have wasted playing around on my laptop today when there is Mount Ironmore to climb, I need to shop, send some emails and do some dusting.

I am thankful in a friendly community. Whilst struggling home with shopping last Saturday friend's husband took all of it and brought it in and put it on the kitchen table.

From the learning rooms... yesterday I was at our  Local studies library where, amongst others, I have become a volunteer. The library has been given planning applications dating from about 1880s to 1950s for the three former boroughs that came together to form one borough in 1963. The planning applications are beautiful drawings of buildings that in many cases were never built, but others are still in existance today. The collection is to be digitalised and scanned, thanks to a grant from the lottery heritage fund. We volunteers are recording information for the data base. So much my interests, as a librarian, as an indexer, as a local resident whose family has been in the area for over 100 years, as one interested in buildings. I commence work next week for a couple of hours one afternoon.

From the kitchen... not much. I'm eating ham salad for lunch so no cooking.

I am wearing... black trousers, pink and black spotted pleated blouse

I am creating... This latest blog.

I am going... To Whitton to buy carrots!

I am reading... nothing, but will start Joanna Trollope's 'The other family' collected it yesterday from library.

I am hoping... my friend and her family will be able to fly from Luton Airport to Lanzorotte tomorrow. She needs and deserves a holiday so much.

I am hearing... One of the first aircraft to fly over our home since Heathrow was opened again last night. Usually we would have so many planes and much noise as it is high pressure weather at present.

Around the house... It is very quiet as I am home alone. Ian has gone to build in wardrobes in our DIL 2B's house and add more storage for her. It is so good he is practical but needs to fit it in with his Open University maths. studies. He has a tutorial on Monday, but is well ahead and understands the work.

One of my favourite things...Time in the morning to read the daily newspaper and attempt the quick crossword. Difficult one today.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Attending a talk tomorrow evening about how Christians can live a green life and care for His world. on Saturday there are celebrations for the Silver wedding of Caroline and Nigel. There is a service of thanksgiving and a bit of a do afterwards. C & N went to Seychelles as a celebration and because of the Volcanic ash were in Zurich for a few days before travelling on a ferry and reaching home four days late. They were well treated by Air Seychelles so this airline is to be commended.

To anyone who reads this would you please comment? Even if just to tell me that some one has read this!

Many thanks, PixieMum


  1. Hello Pixiemum,
    Have read and enjoyed your blog and found it full of interest! Lovely to hear from someone in the Uk. Most of my commenting bloggers are from afar !
    Will keep looking !

  2. Hi Pixiemum. :)
    I was here as well. Your job sounds fascinating! :)

  3. Thanks to Barbara and Country Girl for commenting on my blog. It has encouraged me to keep going as other people's blogs are like a peep behind the net curtains.

    Best wishes, enjoy the holiday weekend,