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Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank Holiday Monday musings

MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 25th April 2011

Outside my window ... beautiful garden, sunshine, breeze. See picture below of a view from kitchen window.

Ian in the back garden contemplating the purple flowering broccoli, spinach, potatoes.

I am thinking ... what I will say when I have to talk about the Breathe Easy group to the congregation at Church as Breathe Easy has been chosen as the local charity for May. Rather short notice, the Church Warden told me at the start of the Good Friday Walk of Witness, said she was glad I was there as it saved her an email. Have contacted the development officer at the British Lung Foundation. Am a bit weary with fund raising, generous folk supporting Martha still after the marathon.

From the learning rooms ... Ian working on maths. ready for tomorrow's tutorial.

I am thankful ... we can dry all the washing in the garden. everything has dried so well, even the duvets. Ours are from Tchibo, machine washable and have a detachable summer and winter weight. Last summer we never detached the winter duvet.

From the kitchen ... Fairly clear, just some drying up to be done. we have a full fridge after a visit to the Farmers' Market.

I am wearing ... light cotton red/orange/pink patterned East dress, nearest thing I have to a sun dress.

I am creating ... Socks. so pleased as I've passed the heel and working steadily down to the toes. Think I have understood what I'm doing now. Next time I'd like a pattern written for magic loop rather than DPNS.

I am reading ... still Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. We are in India now and have till May 9th to finish. It's book v. socks at present.

I am hoping ... Adam and Juliet's house hunting is successful. They have decided the kitchen in the new house in Leighton Buzzard would be too small so are starting looking again. Haven't heard much more than that.

I am hearing ... aeroplanes from Heathrow as we have high pressure. Not bothered we are so used to them. When I was at school (and that is a very long time ago) lessons were interrupted by planes.

Around the house ... Shop has told us that the very latest for sofa deliveries is end of May. So will be watching the Royal Wedding sat in Lloyd Loom or black leather office chair.

One of my favourite things ...  making bread. These loaves were made on Saturday evening using recipe from A taste of health a BBC cookery book.
They are a mixture of white and brown/wholemeal flour so not heavy but healthy.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... writing to all the girls in my class to tell them that Hazel is coming to the UK in June and where she'd like to meet with everyone. Have sent emails to some, but those without emails will have to have a snail mail letter. Will send snail mail also where no reply from the emails. 
So, any Kneller girls out there who knew Hazel and me, love to hear from you.
Also off to Local studies, Breathe Easy group and maybe knitting on Thursday at Mrs Moon's.

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Promised pictures

As promised, here's the picture of the rosemary bushes, now out of sacking and into the smart new pots.

Not only did we buy pots and compost for the rosemary, but also marigolds in memory of Marigold from Dublin who posted on the Archers Messageboard. She died earlier this year and many posters decided to grow or plant marigolds in memory of her. So we have two more plants by which we remember people who have been part of our lives.

Our black bamboo is in memory of my aunt, who left money in her will requesting that members of the family plant something in their gardens so they remember her. I'm not likely to forget her, her daughter and I are close, and so are our daughters.

When ever I see the forsythia I'm reminded of helping my mother in the garden, I asked if this 'stick' should be thrown away, it was forsythia and when I bought my own home my mother gave me some of her forsythia plants so I'd not forget this but laugh at the memory. The forsythia has moved with me, makes me think Spring is coming.

Time for tea. Byeeee.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Such happiness

Wow, this seems to be an interesting week.

Just getting over the Marathon on Monday when delivery guy turns up and on opening a big box (see below)

we were delighted to find a message from Martha thanking us supporting her in the Marathon. Inside the box we found these

beautiful rosemary bushes. It's too dark now to go out and take pictures of them in their new planters but will do so tomorrow. (promise) .  So kind and thoughtful of her to choose something with remembrance for we'll never forget Gemma in whose memory Martha ran the marathon, nor indeed Martha's first full marathon.

Today started well, even out early to collect the paper - think this is the fifth time this year - and back home and completed all the ironing. Such a relief.

Our lovely postman on a bicycle has been replaced by two men, a trolley and van yet the post arrives about 5 hours later than before. Today I had a parcel containing the most amazing knitting goodies and Divine chocolate (my favourite brand) all from Thimblina. She is a real joy, she had a bloggiversary competition, every comment on her blog in March merited an entry into the draw. Looking back I think I made just one comment, it was about the Marathon as her son was running too.

In our subsequent correspondence have discovered we both know the knitter who was the catalyst for me to start knitting again after 20 year break. Can't believe it was just last August, my life has changed since then, what with Ravelry and friends there, Mrs Moon and more new acquaintances as well as challenging myself to learn new skills.

Anyway, may I commend Thimlina's blog .

There is a kindness in a complete stranger offering gifts to another, I feel very blessed.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Martha & the Marathon

Great News!

Martha ran the Marathon in 5 hours 41 minutes 21 seconds

Very briefly as it is late, but must tell everyone that our darling daughter succeeded in running the marathon in a very hot  London today. 

Although her feet hurt a bit, she is sunburnt and some sore bits of skin she's still amazingly chirpy and awake.

Was a long day, up at 5am; Ian drove her to a distant station as South West trains closed our line.

She was in group 5 out of 6 who started, the faster your time, the earlier the getaway.

We waited near mile posts 13 and 22, although 13 was across the road we saw her there, she paused and waved; saw the back of her at 22.

Views above from where we were standing, daughter not in these pictures.

Amazing noise all the time, loud speakers, rattle type things, sun, no where to sit. Amazingly I coped far better than I would have thought, given tum has been playing somersaults these last couple of days plus left hip can ache unless I exercise. Another shock were the crowds, the crowds a solid amorphous block. Seen nothing like it since we went to London for the VJ celebrations in 1995.

The Pancreatic Cancer publicity machine at 22 mile mark.

With the crowds took a while to reach St James Park, left everyone else waiting at the pub - Sherlock Holmes - but went via Admiralty Arch instead of further down Whitehall so Martha waiting for us.

Back to pub, she needed to be with friends, Ian and I peckish cos we hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was now about 5pm so we went to empty restaurant upstairs in pub.

Will post this now, started it yesterday, wanted to post earlier but today has been laundry, tax hassle and chores.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Martha with sponsoring, prayers and good wishes. Your kindness is appreciated.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trying again.


Simple Woman's Daybook: 12th April 2011

Outside my window ... afternoon it is cloudy, sunny and windy and chillier than yesterday. Now need some gentle rain for all the gardening Ian has done. He's not just added new turf, but tidied up, edged and this morning went to the tip with all the rubbish.

I am thinking ... what a lovely person Joy/Thimblina of  must be.

To quote her

I spent a long time reading through four years of posts the other day and decided I'd missed my blog a great deal. So what better way to return to blogging that to have the almost obligatory bloggiversary competion. So I've put together a little package of goodies which could be yours - all you have to do of course is leave a comment here on my blog during the month of March. And every comment made will earn you an entry into the draw. Simples!

Even more exciting I have won some goodies. So each afternoon I will be rushing to check the post.

Today's post was  my new passport, arrived less than a week after my online application was posted. So impressed with the speed. Admittedly it was a straight forward renewal as nothing has changed except I'm even more ancient of course. We have no plans to travel abroad for a while but passport is a useful ID, my driving licence is still paper only.

On the other hand, I may hop on a train to Wales to visit my [English] rellies so it's good to Be Prepared. So says this Girl Guide.

From the learning rooms ... Ian doing maths while I do this, silent companionship in our study. The estate agents would call it a master bedroom.

I am thankful ...  for a good day on Saturday. We went north to Leighton Buzzard to see the house that Adam and Juliet would like to buy when it is built! New development, how sensible for them not to be embarking on DIY. My disappointment that they will be so far away but given property prices it's the only way as they don't want to move up the ladder in little steps every couple of years but rather buy something that will suit them for a long while.

Had a brief look at the centre of L. Buzzard, bought this tray of plants, such good value at £5.00 to brighten our front garden.

Did look around an excellent yarn shop in the town, Nutmeg needlecraft , if my stash box wasn't so full could have bought more wool. Pity I didn't have pattern for a cushion cover I want to make with me, I saw the right yarn but I didn't know the quantity.

I am going ...  to miss our associate vicar as she announced on Sunday that she is moving to another parish, one of the attractions is that she and her husband will be provided with a house. Great for them as she has a long drive to reach our church (she's not paid so there is no obligation to live in the parish) but we'll miss her, both at a spiritual and personal level.

I am reading ... Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Reading group choice, haven't got far, but am enjoying it. Better than vampires, but then I don't do fantasy.

I am hoping ...  Leighton Buzzard will be a good town in which to live. Any comments from my readers would be appreciated, it's personal knowledge that makes the difference.

Around the house ...  still awaiting the sofas/settees. What's the difference? Another change is we are considering getting rid of our big laptop, it is painfully slow and really its only use is as I understand it is linked with the broadband modem. Advice will be taken.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... nothing unusual, Local studies, knitting at Mrs. Moon, last Lent group.

Again, my thanks to Joy/Thimblima for her bloggiversary.

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Monday, 4 April 2011


MONDAY, April 4, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 4th April 2011

Outside my window ... looks like a sunny day, cool, breezy.

I am thinking ...  how I think profound thoughts and then forget all about them when I sit down at the laptop.

I am thankful ... Gift yesterday from Adam and Juliet, a Delia Smith signed cookery book, it is the black covered one on puddings. Ian had the signed one on baking for his birthday. Nice touch.

From the kitchen ... not much happening. We haven't eaten all the chocolate and cinnamon cake made by Martha for Mothering Sunday yet. Really delicious and yummy.

I am wearing ... Black East dress, orange/red CC cardigan, multi coloured silk Tradecraft scarf.

I am creating ...  still on can can scarf, knitted at Reading group. No progress on socks or cardigan though.

I am going .../have been to /  to reading group. Missed the last one, this time have read the book, Twilight finished late last night by skim reading. Just how many descriptions of Edward did the author Stephenie Meyer include?

I am reading ...  Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert was handed out at reading group today. Martha has been urging me to read this for some time so now have the incentive. also, still catching up on Saturday and Sunday's Telegraph as well as Sunday Times. Martha bought this, think she just looked at the magazine supplements. Will be selective in what I read, sport sections never looked at.

I am hearing ...  noise of a machine crunching up the branches of a beech tree that is being pruned. The tree was so huge, we were worried that in a bad storm it could have come down. It had become too high. Here's a view from our bedroom window taken during last December's snow. We look down a rectangle formed by the back gardens of 4 roads.

Now see picture taken today, about 20 minutes ago using close up feature.

and here's one taken about 10am today before the cutting started.

Already our bedroom seems lighter.

Around the house ...  ironing to be done, remake bed

One of my favourite things ... warmer weather, the ability to dry washing outside. No damp in the house, nor using of energy guzzler tumble dryer

A few plans for the rest of the week ...  Local history tonight; Prayer & meditation service tomorrow, local studies where we are near the end of scanning the planning applications; then no other plans for the rest of week but no doubt something will crop up.

Am off to look at the rest of the newspapers, bring in the dry washing and tidy around.


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