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Monday, 18 April 2011

Martha & the Marathon

Great News!

Martha ran the Marathon in 5 hours 41 minutes 21 seconds

Very briefly as it is late, but must tell everyone that our darling daughter succeeded in running the marathon in a very hot  London today. 

Although her feet hurt a bit, she is sunburnt and some sore bits of skin she's still amazingly chirpy and awake.

Was a long day, up at 5am; Ian drove her to a distant station as South West trains closed our line.

She was in group 5 out of 6 who started, the faster your time, the earlier the getaway.

We waited near mile posts 13 and 22, although 13 was across the road we saw her there, she paused and waved; saw the back of her at 22.

Views above from where we were standing, daughter not in these pictures.

Amazing noise all the time, loud speakers, rattle type things, sun, no where to sit. Amazingly I coped far better than I would have thought, given tum has been playing somersaults these last couple of days plus left hip can ache unless I exercise. Another shock were the crowds, the crowds a solid amorphous block. Seen nothing like it since we went to London for the VJ celebrations in 1995.

The Pancreatic Cancer publicity machine at 22 mile mark.

With the crowds took a while to reach St James Park, left everyone else waiting at the pub - Sherlock Holmes - but went via Admiralty Arch instead of further down Whitehall so Martha waiting for us.

Back to pub, she needed to be with friends, Ian and I peckish cos we hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was now about 5pm so we went to empty restaurant upstairs in pub.

Will post this now, started it yesterday, wanted to post earlier but today has been laundry, tax hassle and chores.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Martha with sponsoring, prayers and good wishes. Your kindness is appreciated.



  1. Congratulations Martha! What an achievement.

  2. Congratulations and very well done to Martha.