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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Promised pictures

As promised, here's the picture of the rosemary bushes, now out of sacking and into the smart new pots.

Not only did we buy pots and compost for the rosemary, but also marigolds in memory of Marigold from Dublin who posted on the Archers Messageboard. She died earlier this year and many posters decided to grow or plant marigolds in memory of her. So we have two more plants by which we remember people who have been part of our lives.

Our black bamboo is in memory of my aunt, who left money in her will requesting that members of the family plant something in their gardens so they remember her. I'm not likely to forget her, her daughter and I are close, and so are our daughters.

When ever I see the forsythia I'm reminded of helping my mother in the garden, I asked if this 'stick' should be thrown away, it was forsythia and when I bought my own home my mother gave me some of her forsythia plants so I'd not forget this but laugh at the memory. The forsythia has moved with me, makes me think Spring is coming.

Time for tea. Byeeee.

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