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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trying again.


Simple Woman's Daybook: 12th April 2011

Outside my window ... afternoon it is cloudy, sunny and windy and chillier than yesterday. Now need some gentle rain for all the gardening Ian has done. He's not just added new turf, but tidied up, edged and this morning went to the tip with all the rubbish.

I am thinking ... what a lovely person Joy/Thimblina of  must be.

To quote her

I spent a long time reading through four years of posts the other day and decided I'd missed my blog a great deal. So what better way to return to blogging that to have the almost obligatory bloggiversary competion. So I've put together a little package of goodies which could be yours - all you have to do of course is leave a comment here on my blog during the month of March. And every comment made will earn you an entry into the draw. Simples!

Even more exciting I have won some goodies. So each afternoon I will be rushing to check the post.

Today's post was  my new passport, arrived less than a week after my online application was posted. So impressed with the speed. Admittedly it was a straight forward renewal as nothing has changed except I'm even more ancient of course. We have no plans to travel abroad for a while but passport is a useful ID, my driving licence is still paper only.

On the other hand, I may hop on a train to Wales to visit my [English] rellies so it's good to Be Prepared. So says this Girl Guide.

From the learning rooms ... Ian doing maths while I do this, silent companionship in our study. The estate agents would call it a master bedroom.

I am thankful ...  for a good day on Saturday. We went north to Leighton Buzzard to see the house that Adam and Juliet would like to buy when it is built! New development, how sensible for them not to be embarking on DIY. My disappointment that they will be so far away but given property prices it's the only way as they don't want to move up the ladder in little steps every couple of years but rather buy something that will suit them for a long while.

Had a brief look at the centre of L. Buzzard, bought this tray of plants, such good value at £5.00 to brighten our front garden.

Did look around an excellent yarn shop in the town, Nutmeg needlecraft , if my stash box wasn't so full could have bought more wool. Pity I didn't have pattern for a cushion cover I want to make with me, I saw the right yarn but I didn't know the quantity.

I am going ...  to miss our associate vicar as she announced on Sunday that she is moving to another parish, one of the attractions is that she and her husband will be provided with a house. Great for them as she has a long drive to reach our church (she's not paid so there is no obligation to live in the parish) but we'll miss her, both at a spiritual and personal level.

I am reading ... Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Reading group choice, haven't got far, but am enjoying it. Better than vampires, but then I don't do fantasy.

I am hoping ...  Leighton Buzzard will be a good town in which to live. Any comments from my readers would be appreciated, it's personal knowledge that makes the difference.

Around the house ...  still awaiting the sofas/settees. What's the difference? Another change is we are considering getting rid of our big laptop, it is painfully slow and really its only use is as I understand it is linked with the broadband modem. Advice will be taken.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... nothing unusual, Local studies, knitting at Mrs. Moon, last Lent group.

Again, my thanks to Joy/Thimblima for her bloggiversary.

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  1. Well, if only I had known you could have dropped in for coffee (or tea)! We live in LB - technically Linslade, which is the other side of town from where I guess you were looking. I grew up in this area (village a couple of miles away),and we have lived here for the last 18 years. Absolutely no regrets about moving here. It has been a good place to raise a family - safe, good schools, nice community feel. Most people I know would say the same. Almost everything we need here, and MK for the rest - a very good place to have on our doorstep. And Nutmeg Needlecraft is where I buy most of my yarn :).

    If there is anything specific you want to know, please ask. If email would be easier than a conversation in comments, my address is thebookworm (at)

  2. I read "Eat, Pray, Love" too - it was also my book club's choice and not my own. I liked it though - I always enjoy reading about other places and cultures.

    Hope all's well with you! :)