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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Two go to the South West

Ian and I returned from Dorset today, we’d left the Metropolis on Monday, had lunch at DD’s before Ian left for Axminster to attends two day course on wood turning. The photo above shows some of what he achieved, but one cannot photograph caring for and using the special tools. The course was at the Axminster Skills Centre, very well organised, good lunch included in the fee and advice on where to stay nearby. 

Whilst he was away I caught up with my cousin, it was our Mothers who were cousins, so I am not sure whether we are second cousins or cousins once removed, it doesn't matter, we had an interesting day at Kingston Lacy learning about conservation. As a librarian I didn't know the right way to take a book from a shelf, nor did I appreciate that old books are better stored horizontally rather than the usual spine vertically.  Maybe we did learn this at I library school, it was a long time ago, nor did I learn the easiest way to ensure books are even at the shelf edge.  

We had to plod around the house with plastic overshoes on so the Carrara  marble staircase and floors weren't damaged, enjoyed the method of cleaning ceramics, just deionised water and cotton wool balls gently wiping the ceramics, mustn't touch the gold parts though. 

The following day met up with a school friend, went by train to Dorchester from Poole, such beautiful scenery, so much better and safer viewing it from train than car. Thinking about street scenery Poundbury has no street furniture, no yellow lines, no traffic lights, no zebra or pelican crossings, just a slightly raised area of a different surface where one can cross. It just seems to work and looks so visually attractive. Perhaps the appearance of some of our market towns with narrow streets and characterful buildings would benefit from copying Poundbury.

Just wish I had thought to take photos for comparison, oh well thank goodness for t’interweb!

PS Blog started on Thursday, finished Friday as gave up on trying to compose in Word, then cut and paste onto Blogger.  Why can't Apple and Blogger sort out their differences?