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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Such happiness

Wow, this seems to be an interesting week.

Just getting over the Marathon on Monday when delivery guy turns up and on opening a big box (see below)

we were delighted to find a message from Martha thanking us supporting her in the Marathon. Inside the box we found these

beautiful rosemary bushes. It's too dark now to go out and take pictures of them in their new planters but will do so tomorrow. (promise) .  So kind and thoughtful of her to choose something with remembrance for we'll never forget Gemma in whose memory Martha ran the marathon, nor indeed Martha's first full marathon.

Today started well, even out early to collect the paper - think this is the fifth time this year - and back home and completed all the ironing. Such a relief.

Our lovely postman on a bicycle has been replaced by two men, a trolley and van yet the post arrives about 5 hours later than before. Today I had a parcel containing the most amazing knitting goodies and Divine chocolate (my favourite brand) all from Thimblina. She is a real joy, she had a bloggiversary competition, every comment on her blog in March merited an entry into the draw. Looking back I think I made just one comment, it was about the Marathon as her son was running too.

In our subsequent correspondence have discovered we both know the knitter who was the catalyst for me to start knitting again after 20 year break. Can't believe it was just last August, my life has changed since then, what with Ravelry and friends there, Mrs Moon and more new acquaintances as well as challenging myself to learn new skills.

Anyway, may I commend Thimlina's blog .

There is a kindness in a complete stranger offering gifts to another, I feel very blessed.

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  1. I'm so pleased that your parcel arrived safely. You are most welcome.

    I must try to update my blog this weekend with some photos from Sunday. But what a good job it wasn't quite as hot as the last couple of days have been.