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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Time for reflection upon family

Simple Woman's Daybook: 12th October

Outside My Window ... sunshine, a breeze

I am thinking ... about Stan, my mother's cousin coming to the end of his life. Ian and I went to see him yesterday, we are not sure whether he knew we were there, maybe for the last time. The care he is receiving from Sunrise home is exemplary, one member of staff signed off at the end of her shift and then went to sit with Stan whilst we went away for some lunch.
The other effect of this is we have had to be in contact with my sister. Just to say, we are not close, never have been for we are so different in all ways. In the event the calls were amicable, touching on our family history for Stan is the last of our mother's generation, he, his late wife and especially his parents were so much of our lives. 
All we can hope he is not in pain, will not suffer. The staff are doing their utmost to ensure this and I feel at peace about it.
When we came away from the home we rang Ian's cousin who lives nearby, we went to see them for respite. E. is a great craftswoman and 'sold' me yarn at a 1p a gram. Could have had loads more, especially crochet materials. Will photograph yarn and post here later and in Ravelry. Need to find patterns and time to use it all.
A not very good picture of the mohair yarn Ian bought in charity shop - £8.99 for 10 balls. The pattern had gone but will find another.

Front of the pack, the hair style tells me this is not a recent pattern.
From the learning rooms ... Ian still keeping maths learning going although course doesn't start till February.
I am thankful results form blood test as apparently I am fine.
From the kitchen ... not much happening, probably will make bread later and need to shop as we have no fruit.

I am wearing ... Uniqlo navy sporty type trousers and matching top, my gear for doing things around the house but will change if/when I go out.

I am creating ... socks, have done the cuff and working on the body of sock, knitting and thus creating stocking stitch. Am aware that I can see where switch from one needle to another takes place.

I am going load washing machine, all the stuff that didn't get done on Monday washday.
I am reading ... The Colour still for reading group next Monday. On Sunday sat in garden at round table above, read a large amount, combining Vitamin D and pleasure.

Around the house
 ... chimney sweep comes on Friday morning at 8.30 - is there such an hour?

One of my favourite things ... husband and this house.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... voluntary work at local studies, nothing else planned yet.

Pictures I Am Sharing ... 

A pot of 'mums which we had at the front of the house last year, it had almost died, we put it in the cooler back garden, watered it and late this summer it flowered. We have moved it to a sunnier spot so we can see it from indoors.

Hope life is good for all who read this kind of online diary, am sure I have other thoughts to add, maybe will write more as I do not Twitter.
Byeee, Madeleine PixieMum
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