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Saturday, 23 October 2010


Just a quick update and log of this past week. We had the phone call on Tuesday morning, Stan had died at 10.30pm on Monday evening, certainly obstinate to the last, going when he wanted. Amazingly I had slept really well Monday night so felt calm about it all. There have been calls, letters and emails between us and solicitor so date has been set for the funeral, minister chosen. this caused a slight amount of amusement, a person whom Solicitor assumed was C of E turned out to be from a spiritualist church so we have gone for safe local Anglican parish priest.

Have typed letter to send out to distant family, friends of Stan, former neighbours and Ian has trotted off to post them this morning. (Back now, windswept) Hope I have included everyone, when Stan's wife died very difficult to track everyone down, used Christmas cards we found at their home to contact people. So folks, do put your details on your cards to the more elderly recipients in case some one cannot find elderlies address book.

What else this week? Well daughter has gone north to Edinburgh to see the country, her first visit to Scotland in spite of having travelled widely between here, Australia and Texas. She's meeting her Dad's rellies, from the brief calls all is well although there was much panic before hand as to whether they'd like her. Cos they will, she's a consummate actress and can turn on the charm.

Daughter & I went to town early and I was able to buy her birthday pressie - a few days early- in the form of a smart, warm winter coat so she wouldn't freeze in the chilly north. Pleased to find a suitable gift, one with which she is pleased, I find it so difficult to get the presents right for my offspring.

Saturday evening update: Daughter has phoned us from Stirling and during call mentioned that the belt has cracked already. Pity she gets into London too late on Monday evening to go to Bravissimo and complain. 

We are sorting out our dining room fireplace, the tiles are dire, cracked and we want to add a gas fire for those occasions. Ian has said he will open a file. Larf!! That's what he does for every new project, every item of equipment. I want to hand everything over to the fireplace company, we have to have chimney lined, it has been swept and although husband has run many building projects I feel this should be left to the specialists.

These pictures don't show how bad the tiles are, hidden by the fire screen.

Welll, off to do ironing, may make dear Ian a coffee first. We have a sense of "while the cat's away the mice will play". Not sure about the play, but these mice will be out for Sunday lunch.

Greetings to all who read this, PixieMum

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