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Monday, 4 October 2010

October Monday

Simple Woman's Daybook: 4th October

Outside My Window ... greyness, rain, mugginess

I am thinking ... that I survived very well as I didn't eat from 7.30 last night till nearly 1pm today. Reason was a fasting blood test, have these tests twice a year, very efficient GP monitors our health.

I am thankful ...I made my first time attending a knitting and chatting gathering at a yarn shop. Won't be able to go this week as people will be coming to look at front room fireplace. We wish to add a gas fire, replace grotty tiles and keep oak surround.

From the kitchen ... drying up to be done

I am wearing ... black trousers, white short sleeved Laura Ashley blouse and mauvey-pink Talbot cardigan

I am creating ...Socks. I feel this should be shouted from the rooftops as I have completed my cardigan. First time I have knitted on four needles.

I am going ... to Borough of Twickenham Local History Society meeting this evening. Will go early if possible as members will be renewing subs. and membership secretary is glad of assistance.

I am reading ... The colour by Rose Tremain, it is our reading group book. Have just finished Dewey: the small town libary cat who touched the world. We were owned by a cat who read feelings and knew when a family member was upset.

I am hoping ... we can really clear and tidy house, come to a decision what we keep and what goes. Why are we keeping old books that we will never read, if we want to they are out of copyright and can be downloaded. This is why 
Around the house ... the study is still chaotic with piles of books, photo albums to be put away but the rearrangement of the room will help. The futon is in a good position to be used as a double bed, one of our many Lloyd loom chairs is in the bay window, the wooden linen box houses the printers, we have my laptop on the table, Ian can work the other end as his PC is on shelf nearby. Decisions will be needed to be made about the big desk top PC, it takes up much space.
Study will be photographed when we have uploaded software as cannot use my camera memory card yet as Martha's Sony card stuck still.
Hurray, next day and upload has worked! So am going to give all you lovely people out there another view of our landing, bedroom door and me modelling cardigan as photographed by lovely daughter.

One of my favourite things ...the pink chrysanthemums in a pot outside our French windows

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... Prayer and meditation tomorrow at church; first ever visit to the Rose Theatre for a Noel Coward play. Local venue; local playwright. We are going with Ian's brother.

A Picture Thought I Am Sharing ... well I hoped to share picture of my cardigan but this site doesn't seem to let me.

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  1. I worry about all the stuff we've got. And my husband does nothing but add to it. Some rooms, I rarely go into because it's too depressing!

  2. Cardigan looks great ! Hope socks are going well. I love knitting on four needles . I never progressed from the basic in-over-through-off routine to holding the needles under my arms so short needles suit me fine !