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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Toshiba versus Sony

Hi folks,

Well. All the photos on here will be old ones as Martha (aka DD/GroovyPixie) took some good photos of me, and a not-so-good-one of her Dad,  rushed to me saying "Where do you put the camera memory card in your computer" Showed her, completely forgetting hers was a Sony card and needed an extra widget as it is too small for the hole in my Toshiepooter.

No amount of trying using everything from eyebrow tweezers to fine scissors could extract said card from my computer. Amazingly the computer read it so I have the pictures, please admire my new picture you can see at "About me".. Oh well, here it is again in a larger format! I was catching up with the weekend newspapers after Strollers weekend.

 Martha has no card and I cannot download from my camera (a Canon) using my memory stick. Luckily I had downloaded piccies from weekend.

However, I haven't photographed the lovely white 4ply wool I bought in the Malmesbury Cancer Research charity shop and as I'm now sewing my cardigan together will not be able to picture that either. I had so wanted to use the stash facility on Ravelry to show the wool, which cost £2.75, I paid 75p for a maths book too (Maths = Ian) and when I gave the guy £5 and said put the change in the till he protested and kept asking me if I was sure. The maths book hardly opened had cost £10 new. I try to round up in charity shops or say keep the change especially when their prices are a bit low.

Last evening kind friend along the road invited me to her house, helped me with picking up stitches around the neck and I finished the knitting part of my cardigan. We chatted, we knitted and played with her new kitten. I learnt more about knitting and equipment, loved her circular gadget for wool cutting, better than scissors.

Today, started next project, socks, whilst waiting for over an hour to see Doctor for flu jab and asthma discussions. Unfortunately, having cast on, joined up last stitch to form circle then discovered I don't have stitch markers, not around when I was young, think we would have used cotton thread. Didn't have that with me at surgery either!

Time for bed methinks, but will leave you with picture taken on Sunday afternoon walk around Malmesbury. Don't know what kind of butterfly this is but it stayed still for some time. Apologies if quality is poor, didn't have time to play with camera settings.

Oh, for all those of you who like to know what a Blogger wears whilst tapping away I'm in my black M&S trousers, cream Thomas Pink shirt, black V neck Uniqlo wool jumper and an old silver, blue, black patterned silk scarf.

That's all folks, Ian has bought my coffee, in Emma Bridgewater pink hearts mug. Aaaw, he is so good.

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  1. I love the pics. Computers can be a trial and memory cards are a RRP at times. I can empathise. Love the name of your blog, it raised a snicker :O)