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Saturday, 11 September 2010


Just a few musings ...

went to meet friend P. yesterday at V & A with the intention of lunch and then viewing the Grace Kelly exhibition. Unfortunately we didn't buy our tickets for GK first so after a good lunch at the V & A café we found we couldn't go around the exhibition until nearly 6 o'clock which was far too late. P. has a lovely Border terrier to consider so instead we wandered around the museum and found other interesting things to see.

One area was supposed to be medieval but it was buildings and art. Took photographs of a building that had been rescued before demolition.

Main problem for us was trying to find a loo, they are not well signed and whilst did stumble on an exhibition near the National Art |Library of modern stuff, postwar designs and realised how quickly technology changes. I think this was the design side of modern technology but quite an overlap with the Science Museum.

Today has been an interesting day, managed to do gardening, I think the 'green gym' has done some good for I weeded and then planted the bulbs we had bought in Whitton High Street. A couple passing by remarked what pleasure they obtained from our sunflowers, I glowed with pleasure, the pressure I put on Ian to have these has been vindicated and he has agreed we add to the cottage garden effect by planting hollyhocks next year. Stuff that will grow above our 3' something wall is needed.

Apart from reading other blogs, especially those linked to Ravelry I have made two loaves of bread using the Taste of Health half-and-half loaf with slightly more wholemeal than white. Sneaky but healthy.

Very good sunset here, have not done it justice in this picture from back bedroom but you can see we look out on greenery. So good so near London, but then this is one of the greenest boroughs.

Must come away from here and iron, feel I need to use calories after a lovely, most delicious risotto cooked by daughter but humungous quantity.Maybe time for some knitting if ironing goes well, will listen to Last Night of the Proms whilst doing it. As I have been to a Last Night can recall the setting, I'm so lucky, we were right at the top of the Albert Hall, still promenading though.

Byeeee, Madeleine

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  1. Ooh! I'm jealous! How wonderful to have been to a Last Night of the Proms. And what a wonderful window. How nice that someone rescued it when the building was demolished, especially as it had survived the Fire of London.