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Monday, 13 September 2010

Monday musings

Simple Woman's Daybook: 13th September

Outside My Window ...high humidity, heavy leaden skies, we've had a little rain but nothing to clear the air

I am thinking ...of what I have been reading in my diaries that I wrote in my late teens and twenties. Was going to destroy them out but not sure now. I had remembered some things incorrectly; medically hadn't realised that sore eyes are not new, my flatmate (a nurse) recognised an allergy and gave me antihistamines. I stopped writing diaries not long after meeting Ian, so busy, less time as didn't  child mind in the evenings, nor was there a need to record my views on guys who took me out. Most of them came into the category of "Would I mind if I never saw this person again". My answer invariably was no, I wouldn't. 

From the learning rooms ... Ian off to his final OU MS121 tutorial this evening. He has done and submitted all his work, still going as he has started preparing for February and next year's course. Also wants to thank his tutor for all the good support he's received, not just in person but online too.
I am thankful ... my Freedom Pass so I can go into and around London when ever I like (well after 9.30 on SW Trains) so can meet friends, go to exhibitions, shop etc.

From the kitchen ... nothing at present, but daughter home soon so she will require supper. Ian and I ate out late at Loch Fyne so no need for a meal, maybe just a snack. Thanks to internet we'd downloaded a voucher.

I am wearing favourite M & S jeans, slightly stretchy ones, blue/grey patterned Gap top and navy cabled V neck cotton jersey from Crew Clothing. Jumper belonged to Martha until last week but she has given it to me and I think I look good in it. (Vanity will be the undoing of me. Ed.) I suspect I bought it anyway last year for her to take to Texas.

I am creating ... cream cardigan in Fisherman's rib, now have just the neck and button band and pockets to do and work is finished. Question is what do I start next? Have discovered a wool shop near here so will be going there to look for new materials. Have a free pattern for socks or may do a lacy style cardigan.

I am going have a Mummy-and-Martha evening as Ian is out.

I am reading ...well will be reading new book from reading group, it's The Colour by Rose Tremain so a new author for me. Also given a book by one of the other ladies called Dewey: the small-town library cat who touched the world. Reading group was very good, lots of chat about our Summers, families and I am hoping we may have sold our Citroen to one of the group. Have known her a long time, we used to live in the same road some 20 years ago.

I am hoping ...I can become motivated to clear, let go of stuff, books I will probably not read again and live a less cluttered life. 

I am hearing ... the radio on downstairs, a bird and then traffic

Around the house ...  quiet, daughter now home is in the kitchen preparing her supper.,
One of my favourite things ... this is hard to decide, think it is the freedom I have to spend my days how I wish.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...usual enjoyable stint at the Local studies library and then on Saturday a visit to the Olympic Village as part of London Open House weekend. Sunday is Harvest Festival, with bring and share lunch, games and quizzes for all ages and Choral Evensong after. Ian is singing with the choir. For once it is not going to be a fund raising event as these have become a turn off. Always we were being asked for money.

A picture thought I am sharing .... two pictures of my knitting with the pattern superimposed on the back

The pattern and knitting are laid out on our lounge carpet, wanted to take pictures quickly so could finish this blog today and post on Monday. Also, just five minutes to The Archers so that takes precedence over everything and everybody!

So byeeee, check out the Simple woman site too, her idea to do this blog.

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  1. The knitting looks good ! I love knitting. At the moment I am spinning wool for a jumper for Roger . Also we have a scarf challenge at a group i belong to. You cast on and knit about 6 inches , any pattern, colour or fibre then pass it on to someone else to add their bit. Some are coming out a bit weird ! Interesting though !