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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Book bonanza

Happiness is finding books that I had thought had gone from my life for ever.

Background is that we are trying to have a clear out, yesterday an unwanted vacuum was Freecycled and Ian decided to clear more from garage so bought in crates of books. Now I thought these books were kids university ones and was delighted to find that many were ours, there were old Pelicans, black covered Penguins covering classical Greek literature and history for example. These have replaced Martha's Harry Potter collection on our shelves in the hall as can be seen here.
This bookcase that was found in the garage when we moved into this house, it was used for storing paint pots, now it is in the dining room and has our fiction collection, like Barbara Pym, Howard Spring and now Nevil Shute and Ian's Asimov collection that have come from the garage. Some of the fiction is light reading stuff that will go once read. So short of time, what with blogging, knitting, cooking/baking, meeting friends, Local studies voluntary work so how did we work and run around after two children.

Must get on, want to sort out more books, haven't attempted the DT quick crossword yet, am meeting friend for lunch in Kew Gardens and to look at the photography exhibition there and then there is the knitting. Didn't do any yesterday but climbed Mount Ironmore instead.

Byeee, Madeleine

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  1. It's so lovely to find books that you'd forgotten you had, isn't it? I know I have a couple of big boxes of books up in the attic that I haven't looked at for years, must get them down and have a sort out soon.