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Friday, 17 September 2010

Gardeners Question Time

Well folks,

If I had heard Ian's voice on the radio without knowing his question at Gardeners Question Time had been recorded I would not have recognised it!

Very difficult to say what the difference is, perhaps stronger, but I think the pitch. Will be interested to hear what others who know him think.

Have been bought two knitting magazines to help decide on next project, the changes in cost of wool/yarn is still concerning me, types of needles and whole knitting culture. No longer is knitting for some one who wants to save money by knitting their own cardigans and jumpers, it would have been so much cheaper to buy clothes in Sainsbugs, could have nearly bought a top for the price Ian paid for the magazines alone.

Years ago, well when I was in my twenties the fashion as now, was for chunky cardigans and I went to buy one. It was a Saturday, I remember my parents my parents had left for a fortnights holiday. The cost to buy a knitted cardigan was so astronomic, the assistant in the 'original' Bentalls store in Kingston agreed with me and asked if I could knit. As I could, she suggested I went downstairs to haberdashery and bought pattern, wool and  the large wooden needles. I did so, I think it was two strands of wool together on huge needles so I finished the cardigan before my parents returned. Today, I think the situation would be reversed, although there is always the thrill and challenge of creating a garment.

I suspect the same is true of dressmaking as well, something else I used to do.

Must go,  Archers to hear, busy weekend. London Open House visit to Olympic site, Harvest festival at church with a bring and share lunch. Will be good to have a social event that is not fund raising but just a church family occasion. Then there is sung Evensong at 2.30., not quite evening time but so the congregation don't wander off!


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  1. Yes, clothing is so cheap in relative terms that it is next to impossible to knit for the price you can buy a ready made garment for. Having said that, if you are looking at higher quality yarns, buying ready made would often be more expensive. Last winter I bought some 100% wool yarn in a sale, and knitted a cardigan, scarf, mittens and hat for my little one for £15. There is no way I could have bought anything comparable in quality for that price.