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Monday, 20 September 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook: 20th September

Outside My Window ... early this morning whilst still in bed saw parakeets flying around and balancing rather precariously on the top of our apple tree; now three loads of  laundry drying.

I am thinking ...about our busy weekend, Saturday we visited the construction site that is the Olympic village courtesy of the London Open House scheme and yesterday was Harvest Festival celebrations at church. To my surprise and delight our church was packed. Loads of children, not many in fancy dress but Rainbows, Brownies and Guides plus their parents and many families that I didn't recognise. So good. The new screen  and Power point was used, this is one of the changes that has caused controversy among the few Anglo Catholic members of our congregation but I welcome the more evangelical approach. 
There was a bring and share lunch, plenty of food, we had contributed two quiches (they came home uneaten), green salad and potato salad. The kids were entertained, there was a fiendishly difficult quiz compiled by Christian Aid for the adults (I escaped by helping with kitchen chores). After all this activity there was choral evensong, I think the choir of which Ian is a member nearly outnumbered the Congregation.

I am thankful ... for the safe arrival today of Daniella Kaitlin, grand daughter for Ian's cousin. Baby weighed 7lb 9oz so very good weight.

From the kitchen ... Two loaves of bread are now proving, have used recipe from "The bread book".  Recipe uses quick yeast, downside is 10 minutes of kneading, so with two loaves quite physically tiring. We put each tin in a large tupperware box, rather than messing around with oiling cling film and then boxes placed somewhere warm, perhaps as today near the window with the afternoon sun streaming in.

I am wearing ...  Track suit style outfit, navy jogbots with matching navy & white striped top. Tidy and neat for around the house as Monday is chores day but not an outfit I would wear away from home.

I am creating ... buttonhole band for cardigan and then will have to remember how to join together sleeves, back, fronts and button bands that are on large safety pins.

I am going ... to try to go to a knitting group and will be asking for guidance on picking up and knitting neck band. This is because at church was the person who set me back on the knitting road and she suggested that I attend.

I am reading ... Dewey: the small-town library cat who touched the world; I treated myself to paperback edition of Howards End is on the landing: a year of reading from home. Both these are dipping into books, but I am neglecting Bill Bryson. 
I am hoping ... I can find time to clear more 'stuff' and add to the decluttering.

Around the house
 ...Ian is making the stand for the bird table, there are serious discussions as to the location of the bird nesting box.

One of my favourite things ... my Freedom Pass. We were able to travel from SW to NE London for free. One of the very few benefits of being older. The pass makes us greener, especially where parking is difficult or expensive so we use the cars less. In fact we are looking to sell our big Citroen Picasso.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... Local studies voluntary work; knitting group at Mrs Moon on Thursday.

A Picture Thought I Am Sharing inside the stadium at the Olympic village. This weekend was the first time the coach parties were allowed inside the main venue.

There is great attention to environmental improvement and trees have been and will continue to be planted. The orange plastic is to protect the plants from the wild geese.
Pictures were taken through coach window, often quickly and have not been edited.
Off now, it is 2.20 BST on Monday afternoon, whatever the date stamp on the blog says.

Byeeee, Madeleine.
E. & O. E. as we used to put on important letters and documents.

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  1. I went to a Christian Aid quiz last year and it was indeed fiendish - the quizmaster was a bit unprepared and kept making howlers too. I thought it was hilarious, but the more keen quizzers were a bit straight-faced about it!

    I did pluck a date out of the air - can't remember what now, it was the date of a country's independence. I have no idea how I knew it but it made my day!