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Monday, 30 August 2010


Well progress has been made with knitting but realised I needed to count rows and much searching was done at Pixie Towers for my Ro-tally. You will remember dear reader that it many years have elapsed since I knitted last and this household has a lot of stuff.

In the night thought about another location in which to look;  indeed in my mother's embroidery basket were not one, but two Ro-tallies. Unfortunately they do not fit size 5 & 7 needles. So it's back to a 5-bar gate on a post-it note, well on my posh post-it notes with my name on.

Have made a sponge cake to take to see son and daughter in law, along with boring things like hedge cutters, a shredder and pots of jams.

Off to jam sponge halves together,

Byeeee, Madeleine


  1. Hello - sorry, I'm new here. You need a hedgecutter to cut your cake??? 8)

  2. Love it Brokenbiro! Welcome to my daft blog world.

    We may well have needed hedgecutter but I'll never know as cake was not consumed whilst we were there. We took son and daughter in law out for late lunch in Berkhamsted so afternoon tea not taken.

    Seriously, son and daughter in law have a very spiky hedge near their property, we have electric cutter so took it in case they wanted to use it.

    The young couple seem to be overwhelmed with stressful work, sorting out home, which is a tiny house with so much stuff;seeing friends, going to more weddings, just getting used to doing everything themselves after unseen parental support.

    Unusually they didn't live together before they were married so the logistics seem harder.

    These parentals will not interfere, much as I would love to tidy up, change the furniture round and clean a bit too.

    There is even more stuff in store.