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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Knitting again.

I am so pleased with myself! Yes I know all those saying about pride and falling, and self praise is no recommendation and about boasting but I am pleased.

After what may be 20 years, I have started knitting again. Not only knitting but I am finishing the cream cardigan I started way back in the long past when we lived in another house. (All of 100 yards away around the corner).

 I am working on the decreasing of a raglan sleeve, yes the first sleeve but the front and back are done. The pattern is fisherman's rib so not actually straightforward stocking stitch so have to watch what I'm doing.

Did have to undo a few rows, but soon worked out where I was and am enthused to continue and will photograph. Amazingly, given the pattern comes from the dark ages the daughter said the cardigan would look good with her skinny jeans. A compliment to my good taste in knitting patterns me thinks.

Once I have finished I am so looking forward to knitting with all the new fun yarns and may do silly stuff, not just clothes. There are so many knitting and craft blogs that I want to be part of it all. No one has mentioned the revival of knitting and craft stuff in The Archers yet, obviously not one of VW's issues/ishoos.

Right, will leave my luvverly lap top and go downstairs, knit and watch TV. It will be last Monday's  "Who do you think you are?" I don't recognise or know the person it's about so all the better.

Bye bye, Madeleine


  1. Congratulations on picking up the knitting again.

    There is one online place you *have* to go if you are planning more knitting forays: Ravelry. Just make sure you have plenty of browsing time before you click on the link! If you join Ravelry and want to be friends, I am ukbookworm there.

  2. Thanks Bookworm,

    Have done this, so even more stress whether I knit or blog.

    No choice now, off to said Evensong.

  3. My daughter has taken up knitting and sewing (as you say, it's in the air at present) and loves really complicated stitches. Like Bookworm, she swears by Ravelry.