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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

"The Simple Woman's Daybook"

Hi there my merry band of readers,

Monday's start of the blog :) Tis time for jam making, yesterday we made greengage and damson jam. the damsons came from the front of the vicarage. New Vicar's wife knew she didn't have time to use them before going to visit family so we have helped her pick them and are turning them into jam, some of which will be sold for good causes.

FOR TODAY, Wednesday 18th August 2010
Outside my window...sunny, clouds, cool wind; washing on line, and nearly dry. (Note, washing now dry, indoors to be sorted into ironing and airing - Ed.) Birds drinking and playing in the dish that passes for a bird table and other birds dropping the food from feeders onto the ground. We seem to be filling feeders daily and have decided the birds should eat what they dropped before we put more out.

I am thinking...why does this take me so long? It is hard work trying to be interesting and amusing!

I am thankful for...a successsful lunch yesterday. We had recorded a TV programme, friends P & R said they wanted to see it so we invited them for lunch and TV viewing. As R has dietary problems cooked, for the first time, a risotto from written instructions given by daughter. Only difficulty was when to add the large glass of wine so added it after the first pint of hot stock and there was no indication of quantity of parmesan so we guessed. Vegetables were broad beans, fresh peas, red pepper, French beans, carrots so it was colourful and served with a green salad, some of which was home grown and with home grown tomatoes.
For sweet made an Eton mess, very simple form of. Just strawberries cut up, raspberries, merangue nests from M & S so no additives, double cream and Greek yogurt. Very successful.
I suspect all four of us had difficulty staying awake whilst watching the TV programme.

From the learning rooms...Ian has finished all the work for this course that ends in October and has started preparing for next February's course. A bit over the top methinks.

From the above, jam making. Lots of damsons to be made into jam. Only question is:- Do we stone first or hope the stones will float to the top. Ian not happy with latter method so we will sit and cut up fruit to extract stones and weigh 3lbs at a time, cook them briefly and add sugar.

I am wearing...Jeans and a Gap tunic top.

I am with the Walking Group on Friday, think the exercise will be good.

I am reading...Secret life of bees. Well finished it Monday afternoon afternoon and really enjoyed it. There will be discussions at Reading Group next month.

I am hoping...
Around the house...irong to be done, soon will need to prepare lunch. House fairly tidy downstairs after Tuesday visitors. There are benefits about asking people around. Will have to have another go, I thought lunchtime worked better than evening.

One of my favourite things...seeing a scam fail. Yesterday Martha and friend Emma, both bridesmaids went to collect their dresses from shop in town across river from here. Dresses were tried on, all satisfactory, girls wanted to take them away and told they couldn't as alterations not paid for. Firstly alterations were priced at £45 each for one hem adjustment and two straps adjustments. Suddenly the price was £45 total, but in cash and with no receipt possible. Both girls contacted bride as they understood correctly that there were no costs to be involved in the dress collection. After lots of calls, including one to the person subcontracted for alterations, the shop agreed that there was nothing to be paid. "Sorry for the misunderstanding." Should be sorry for the scam! Dresses and girls back here and they finished the Eton mess after their supper.

A few plans for the rest of the week: work in the Local studies library on Building our Borough the project where planning applications will be digitalised.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

  of empty bird feeders, this were filled up this morning. Ian has gone to local High Street and will buy urgently needed supplies.

Mention of blog and offer a link back to the main page of blog.

That's all folks, back to ironing, jam making and washing up.


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