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Monday, 2 August 2010

August thoughts

    FOR TODAY Monday Second August Twenty Ten

This blog has been written over time today whilst doing other chores, like laundry, breadmaking and house tidying.

Outside my window...sunshine, have not been out so not sure of temperature. However, the garden is in drought conditions and we desperately need rain. Have had very little, so we have been saving every drop both in the kitchen and indeed water from the shower too.

I am thinking...can one use "colour catchers" many times if no colour has seeped out of a wash? Seems unnecessary to throw away an unmarked sheet. Just thought of it as I pull light coloured wash from the machine. Told you on Facebook I am trying to be a domestic goddess, trying in the laundry as well as bakery department.

From the learning rooms...Ian as very excited as he submitted his OU CMA (computer marked assignment) in plenty of time. He has been working very hard on this, partly as he wishes to obtain a good mark (the last two TMAs were 98%) and also he enjoys the study and is going to take a second level course next year. The work does mean that sometimes other activities go by the board but these are never critical items. I am trying to pick up the domestic stuff, so made bread and blackcurrant jam last Friday.

From the kitchen...breakfast washing up to be done; salmon defrosting; blackcurrant jam to be put away in perserves cupboard. Washing up done, drying up done both from breakfast and lunch.

I am wearing...denim blue Boden linen skirt and patterned Monsoon summery top. Not pleased with the wear of the Boden skirt, I think M & S are better for quality. One of the attractions of this skirt were the 2 pockets on the front so I could keep my Ventolin inhaler with me at all times but I think I will forgo this another time.

I am thinking about play upon words and puns. Today's paper reports the English cricket success - the strap line is "No shelter from Anderson". One would need to be a certain age, understand who the original Anderson was (Sir John Anderson - Home Secretary in late 1930s who organised the Anderson shelters). Our family are great on puns and play on words and try to catch each other out.

I am bring in the dried washing whilst I wait for second loaf to rise. The water was just a little cool so the flour was cool so the bread is taking longer to rise. I tell myself that the slower bread is made the better it will be. Hope that is a true fact.

I am reading...Bill Bryson's At home.

I am popping in and out of The Archers message board, especially the Bull but haven't posted there today.

I am 4 and PM from the kitchen. Have been able to listen to radio whilst in kitchen and have enjoyed that, I miss so many good programmes.

Around the house...the bread is proving, have put it in a sunny spot by the lounge French windows. Have made usual half and half recipe, whereby 12oz white and 12oz wholemeal flour is mixed together. Comes from Taste of Health book published by BBC yonks ago.

A few plans for the rest of the week: usual volunteer at Local studies, Thursday, we may go to Eastbourne as Ian has never been there, we need to have full value from our Senior Railcards and I would like to see the sea this year. A walk along the prom., a lunch, maybe an ice cream and a train ride sounds good.

Here are pictures of the oforementioned jam.  I have not yet eaten any of this batch of jam so don't know whether my first attempt is any good.

Notice some of our Emma Bridgewater mugs.

As usual I must mention Simple Woman's Daybook  blog and offer a link back to the main page of her blog.

Have used this blog to give mine a structure although today it has been one of rambling and obscure thoughts and actions.  

Will finish now, bread to check, daughter will be home soon, I do wonder whether she knows about this. Am certain husband doesn't but I it is a kind of public diary but wish I could be more amusing.

Madeleine / PixieMum

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  1. I remember the Anderson shelter. Also the Morrison. We had one as a dining table and fortunately never had to use it for its intended purpose
    The jam looks good !