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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Hi everyone who read my previous blog about the family exclusion from nephew's wedding and death of Martha's friend from primary school and choir.

Have heard no more about nephew's wedding and no one else has posted pictures in Facebook. I'll let it go, no one can force wider families to stay together and in touch.

We were visited today by our new vicar, he stayed for nearly 2 hours chatting, learning about Ian and I, we learnt about changes he wishes to make. Seem good to us, some were mooted by his predecessor and we learnt about G's funeral. It sounds as if she had planned it, poor girl, it should have been her wedding this month. Cannot take in the death of a talented 27 year old.

Been an odd week, yesterday was persuaded to call doctor's surgery as last weeks bites had become very painful and swollen, spoke with nurse on phone first and then appointment made with female doctor who prescribed antibiotics. Different ones this time, so far no adverse reactions to them. Such a good surgery, a model of kindness and understanding.

Now for good news! We have two tickets for a recording of Gardeners Question Time which is taking place at Kew Gardens on my birthday. Yippee!!!  Ian and I are now trying to think of a question we could ask, it's early September so if we were to take a plant sample in the problem would have to be at that time. OOh, so exciting. We are Friends of Kew Gardens, brilliant place to go and with our Freedom Passes we can travel there for nothing too.

One thing that is playing on my mind is that we don't do very well at entertaining, I have made one call tonight to a teacher friend of mine but left message on her answer phone as no reply. We know we must invite people around as we owe meals big time but neither of us seems to have the impetus. Maybe it's all the work involved, even todays Vicar visit entailed lots of cleaning, tidying up and picking up on detail. It would have been the day before our Treasure's fortnightly visit. I don't know whether I don't  want to invite people because I can't be bothered, (I would rather play on my computer or read my current book), whether I'm lazy and all the work and labour involving meal planning, cooking, getting out of plates, cutlery, choosing right wines etc. p.94 contd. is just not our thing. But, and it is a big but, even at the beginning of a sentence I know we should and I am scared too. Scared it will go wrong.

At least I have the best reason in the world for not inviting anyone here on my birthday! I'll be at Kew.

On that note I will shut down this addictive machine, go downstairs and make Ian a coffee and have last of today's antibiotic.

No pictures, but thanks for reading this.



  1. About entertaining. I love to meet up with friends and used to do lunch and dinner parties but now we tend to meet at a favourite restaurant or pub,or even a coffee shop. The food isn't as good as home cooked but it's much easier and stress free !

  2. Hi - I am now on holiday so have a good chance to catch up - will have to read some older posts I can see - you sound like youve been living The Archers my dear! Anyway happy birthday for whenever it is! My little girl will be one next wednesday and my eldest son was 15 two days ago ( he is currently nightclubbing and she is asleep!)

    Anyway on the entertaining front we dont do it much either although we know we ought to - I agree with the other lady about going out - or we some times have people round and everyone brings something and they take us as they find us although I do turn generously turn radio 4 down and sometimes even off!! ha ha

    best wishes Amanda x