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Monday, 23 August 2010


FOR TODAY Monday 23rd August 2010

Outside my window...grey skies, humidity and lots of noise as our neighbour's front garden wall is being rebuilt. We had hoped that theirs and ours could be done together but the builder didn't come back to us. We thnk the price has now gone up to an unacceptable level.

I am thinking...whether there will be time to make another batch of damson jam this morning.

I am thankful home as it fits so well with our lifestyle, its location is ideal.

From the kitchen...breakfast clearing to be done, diswasher emptied, jam to be made?
I am wearing...cream trousers (lots of pockets for puffers, hankies and mobile) and blue patterned blouse. Will be changing later.

I am creating...jam.

I am the funeral/ celebration of life for Gemma aged 27 who has died from pancreatic cancer. She was primary school friend of Martha and fellow chorister at church in teens. The church yesterday was decked with flowers and greenery everywhere and more will be added today. Gemma had planned her own funeral, down to every detail.

I am reading...Bill Bryson still.

I am is not too upsetting. There have been many church funerals this year but this is the saddest, for grandmother, parents and sibling as well as the whole of our local community.

I am hearing...banging and shouting from builders.

Around the house...Ian has said he is off the cut a piece of wood. Why?

One of my favourite things...watching birds at our bird feeders. Do wonder how they manage to empty the feeders so quickly.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Local studies digitalisation project tomorrow; visiting ancient relative; more jam making; continue to organise family history papers

Here is picture for thought I am sharing.. Eastbourne a typical south coast resort on a windy day in August. However the town is redeemed by the fantastic Camilla's bookshop. Do Google it, unbelievable collection of books..

Mentioning   blog and offering a link back to the main page of  blog. that started this great template for our thoughts.

Off to do  stuff now.

Byeeeee, Madeleine.


  1. There are few things worse than a funeral for someone who has died far too young. I once had to play the flute at a funeral for a two year old. Awful.

    I know what you mean about being grateful for a house that is perfect for your lifestyle. Ours is too, and it is a gift - especially as the lifestyle (kids, schools, family) developed after we bought the house. Lots of advantages that we had no inkling of at the time.

    Damson jam sounds yummy. Making it in cream trousers sounds brave.

  2. Its so sad when a life is cut short. I think of all the lovely and beautiful things that Gemma will never experience or know.

    Must try Eton Mess sometime-actually sounds delicious in spite of the name !

    All our birds are peckish too. What will it be like in the winter I wonder ?

  3. Our previous Rector, in his first month, had to take funerals for a 6-week-old baby, who had died in his cot, a young man who had committed suicide and a girl of 17 who had died in childbirth. I played the organ for the baby's funeral, it was so sad. His name was Jack, he would be in his teens by now. I'm so sorry about Gemma and I feel for you and her other friends.

  4. I'm fortunate that I've rarely had to take funerals for people younger than me.

    I'd like to clarify that the wall I'm currently knocking down and rebuilding isn't your neighbour's.