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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


FOR TODAY Tuesday 27th July 2010

Outside my the back the view is of birds of many varieties around the bird feeder, they must know that Ian purchased two bags of bird food yesterday.
Also, daughter's bedding on line but not sure how much it will dry, it's very damp and humid out there and the bedding is flannelette. Yes, I know it is a hot summer in London, she has been offered cotton bedding but has refused. My gripe is how anyone can sleep in flannelette bedding that hasn't been pressed, but she is happy with creases.

I am thinking...of a thread I read in The Bull, The Archers message board for non Archers fans where the discussion was whether one was disorganised or organised. Reading the thread I sympathised with the disorganised, who often spent much time on the message board, or started a project and then didn't see it through. I become annoyed with myself for "not getting on with things", ie projects or stuff I should do. Sometimes I feel scared to try in case I mess up or it goes badly.

When I mentioned the organised/disorganised thread to Ian he considered I was very organised, we had a discussion about it but I think there are different kinds of organised and I consider I'm bad at the motivation one.

I am thankful for...a lovely holiday at Holme Lacy House hotel in Herefordshire where we missed the rain, enjoyed the entertainment and visited Ross 0n Wye, Hereford and Hay on Wye. In all three towns we bought books, came back with about 13-14 plus a Lloyd Loom chair. Neither, daughter, son or daughter in law noticed an extra chair, but then we do have nine now. Came back with raspberries and black currants from a smallholding/garden. The raspberries were used to make Delia's cheat Eton mess but I broke the merangues into too small pieces and it became a bit of a mush, but a healthy one as yogurt was used instead of creme fraiche.

Also thankful fr visit by son and his new wife, they seem so happy and so together in spite of both working long hours and learning to do all the domestic chores together.

From the kitchen...Ian is making onion soup which will be served with my home made bread
I am long linen Next skirt (v. old),  Laura Ashley white short sleeved blouse, red Clarks sandals.

I am Local Studies for my volunteer work.

I am reading...Bill Bryson At home, really enjoying this big book. Did you know that the original Crystal Palace, built in 1851 was 1851 feet long?

I am hoping...for heavy, steady rain to water the fruit and vegetables.

I am hearing...preparations for meal

A few plans for the rest of the week: tomorrow local Breathe Easy group, Thursday am attending a funeral for a neighbour and a member of our church congregation.

For links to this idea see this website

Have had the most superb onion soup made by Ian, with cheesey toast softening inside it. Wow, so tasty. Followed by a very juicy peach.

Time to go off to local studies, so must sign out now.

Greetings PixieMum / Madeleine


  1. Hope the rain arrived! We've had plenty here ! It was very welcome.

  2. I've come to the conclusion that I am disorganised but efficient, and that's why I have a reputation for being organised.

    I don't like not seeing things through, so I take ages to start, leaving it until I've got time to finish the job. Can take years, though, to get going!