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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Simple Woman's daybook: written throughout Tuesday 9th November

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Outside My Window ... rain, wind, cold, gloom

I am thinking ... that it was pleasant of my son to ring and chat, usually his calls are very brief but today he nattered away. Marriage has made him so happy. Last week his wife wasn't able to have time off for funeral but she came here after work and returned my cake tin. She said she couldn't return it empty so we have enjoyed and shared a lovely light chocolate cake. 

From the learning rooms ... Ian still revising maths for a course starting in February; my learning is picking up knitting skills again.

I am thankful ... the Stan's funeral has taken place. Don't wish to say much here but my sister and her husband cut us, and worse, made no effort to talk to the other mourners. She spoke to the carers from the home and the solicitor but no one else. As my children knew Stan they came and were of great support.

From the kitchen ... 2 loaves proving in the top of the broom cupboard, very useful place to put the large tupperware boxes in which we put the bread tins. Means no mucking about with cling film sticking to the dough. In the summer we put the boxes in the window and use the warmth of the sun. Recipe, rapid light wholemeal loaf is from The Bread Book, by Sara Lewis. It's half white flour and half wholemeal so healthy not heavy. Recipe is good as it give s quantities for three different tin sizes.

I am wearing ... blue M & S jeans, Earth collection cream wool and silk blouse and navy V neck cable Crew Clothing jumper

I am creating ... my roll neck sweater in Rowan Alpaca cotton, have got as far as top of the back.

I am reading ...   The return of the dancing master by Henning Mankell. Not exactly  losing myself in it, will keep trying but it is slow going. If it wasn't a reading group book would never have started it.

I am hoping ...  
to be organised, clear out more stuff, ruthlessly clear my wardrobe and try to have the study clear. Need to file correspondence too.

I am hearing ...  very little, don't even have the radio on.

Around the house ...   smell of the bread baking

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...
home group on Thursday evening, will attempt to go to Mrs Moon to knit and chat. Will take abandoned sock knitting along. Will there be 2 minute silence at 11? After that meeting former colleague for lunch, gossip and catchup.

Pictures of my stash I am sharing ....


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  1. Sorry to hear about the difficult funeral. Some people do have their problems socially don't they? Loved the sensory day description.
    BTW I've got a guest author inteview over at mine on Friday. :O)