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Monday, 28 June 2010

Late June

FOR TODAY Monday 28th June 2010
Outside my window...warmth, sunshine and towels drying on the whirley

I am thinking...what to do after this. Whether to read my Reading Group book or to sort out family history papers. Could do the former in the garden and the latter indoors during the evening

I am thankful for...the empty roads when I walked home from the Homelink Mediterranean lunch yesterday afternoon. Homelink is a Respite Day Care Centre based in our church  hall and like similar charities has struggled for funds. Brilliant 4 course meal and a drink, all home cooked for £16.00. Why do charities under charge? Made up cost with buying plenty of rafffle tickets. Meant I won a prize so chose a Sonata Gloxinia as I didn't want more alcohol. We acquire it quicker than we can drink it.

Whilst I was wining and dining dear Ian, and the rest of our church choir were singing at an ordination at St Mary Abbott in Kensington.

From the kitchen..nothing much happening after lunch which was a cottage pie. Cooked enough for two, one for us today and one for three servings another day which will be frozen. Food was slightly underflavoured though, will be even more bland after freezing.

I am wearing...sundress again and little else. I love this East dress, red/orange/pink colours in cotton seersucker, bias cut so loose and cool. Has to be handwashed as the colours gallop out but I then put it on whirly overnight and it is ready to wear again in the morning.

I am creating...ummmm, not doing well here

I am be at home next few days as our decorators, brothers M & D are to be painting soffits and other external  parts of the property.

I am book from Bill Bryson and Conan Doyle for reading group

I am hoping...daughter recognises how much she is drinking and is sensible whilst on holiday in Ibiza.

Around the house...need to tidy up, especially paperwork and Saturday's newpapers. I wonder why I don't devour them as much as I used to. Perhaps they are not so relevant to us, a bit repetative with the assumption that all are interested in football and beach holidays. I remember being bored at Folkestone beach at age of eight.

One of my favourite learning new things so we enjoyed a visit tothe Foundling Hosptial Museum on Saturday. Very low survival rate of the babies in the 18th and early 19th centuries, no wonder the many survivors were so successful in later life.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Our N registered Corsa goes for its MOT. Very basic model, not much in the way of electronics or vanity mirrors but less to go wrong. Miss air con in this weather but can manually open the windows!, Ian is singing at another ordination at St Paul's Cathedral on Saturday.

I must mention the blog that started this and many other Simple Woman's daybook blogs ....


  1. hi, hope you are well. I have had to privatise my blog as my family werent happy about me having pictures of the kids open on the net so I am sorry that its difficult to follow - unless you can give me an email address and I can invite you. We have had to have an eyewatering 4 new tyres for our car today which was almost as expensive as the car...................

    Enjoy the sunshine.

    Oh and on an Archers note, what a shock about Sid?? - and I am sort of inspired by Kate going back to college and am looking onto a textiles degree!!!!!!!

  2. here is my email so if you want to still read the blog I will invite you -

    thanks - enjoy the sun!