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Friday, 11 February 2011

End of an era

I feel a bit churned up this evening. Nothing bad, but we have had interest in our furniture from enquirers on our local freecycle. Indeed, someone may be coming this evening but we are waiting for them to come back to us.

Why you may ask am I churned up? Well, when as a single girl I took the advice of a previous boyfriend and with the help of a humungous mortgage (15% interest rates) bought myself a 1961 New Ideal Homestead maisonette. Most of my furniture was cast offs from parents, a Formica topped kitchen table, chairs and stool, bed, sideboard (still have this). My parents gave me the money they'd set aside for a wedding to enable me to furnish my home. One of the items I bought was the Minty Isis furniture, it's been through many covers, firstly from Minty and subsequently from Lyn-Plan. This house is the fourth home.

Two years later,I married Ian after a whirlwind romance, nearly 32 years later we will be buying our living room furniture together.

Just to say that the furniture has gone, the room looks rather stark with just 3 Lloyd Loom chairs. 


  1. I remember the name Minty and the furniture has certainly lasted a long time. I hope that you can find a good home for it. Nice as Llyod Loom chairs are I don't think that they will be as comfortable.

  2. Being the wife of an auctioneer, most of our furniture is second hand, of whatever age. It was a big occasion when we got rid of our elderly sofa and chairs, and bought new ones, but it was 25 years ago now. Yours still looks in pretty good shape, even if you do end up nearly on the floor when you sit on it!

  3. Second hand has always been big in my life....I like things to have been pre-loved. Hope your suite finds a good home....enjoy your new furniture whatever it turns out to be.

  4. I get so attached to things:( I can imagine how hard it will be for you to part with your furniture. I also remember the name Minty and associate with it being good quality. I hope the new owners are as happy with it as you have been over the years♥

  5. Good luck with choosing new furniture, you have certainly made the old stuff last - it still looks very smart in your pictures.

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