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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Raining in Twickenham

So we were so fortunate yesterday, no rain until after we reached home.

Ian photographed me trying to take a good picture, notice the very warm Mustardland scarf, took but didn't wear the not-very-flattering-beanie.

Today in Twickenham it is pouring down and there is just an hour and a half to the Big Match. Fun watching drivers trying to find places to park, we are outside the restricted zone, it is a fair walk but even I can do it.

Ian is working on his sums, becoming very excited about ellipses. I plan to go downstairs, knit and watch rugby at the same time. Known as multishirking in Mustardland circles. Well I can, cos I'm a woman.

Just in case anyone wants an update on the sofa saga, this week we have had the chimney swept, although no mess at all it was good that our Treasure was here at the time. The carpet has been ordered and most importantly, so have the sofas. Yes. Plural. One three seater and one two seater, should be ready some time in April. Now to book the decorators, even though their quote hasn't arrived.

Ian was in town this week and has purchased wooden needles so I think I will go now and start the jacket. The yarn and pattern were a Christmas gift, not going to be the work I carry around with me as it is cable. That's why I make cushion covers in garter stitch. Will have to ensure that covers will complement the red leather sofas, the work in progress is pewter colour so that will be for the Lloyd Looms. Bought some lovely Debbie Bliss Rialto in creamy white at Mrs Moon's so that will be perfect for the new furniture.

Off to knit, view, cheer our team. Some days we can hear the roars from the stadium.

Reader, we won! Second half better than first, so exciting it was impossible to knit.


  1. Up here it is a very bright, though cold, Spring-like day. I can't help feeling a tad guilty about not having done anything with it, especially as neither of the local football teams are playing today so we'd be OK getting around.

  2. Oh well, we lost. As always. Maybe you could knit a new Scotland team too?