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Monday, 28 February 2011

End of the month report.

Simple Woman's Daybook: 28th February 2011

Outside my window ... Has been cold and rainy, needed hat and mittens.

I am thinking ...  of the people in Christ Church, their tragedy moved me to tears. Feel so upset about it.
I am thankful ... that Martha hasn't a big problem with her feet, she will need correction just for sports activities. Big bill, for consultation, inner soles, plus there will be the sports massage costs as well. Worth it if she completes the Marathon thereby raising awareness of Pancreatic cancer amongst the young and the memory of Gemma. See this page for more information
From the kitchen ... Martha made a lovely chocolate and cinnamon sponge cake filled with jam and cream yesterday, it was even yummier today.

I am wearing ... black trousers, charcoal grey polo neck jumper and matching cardigan.
I am creating ...another pewter wool and silk cushion cover; have started cardigan from yarn and pattern given to me at Christmas. Also, will be able to go back to socks as Mel obtained the right size circular needles for me. Am determined to learn to knit socks.
I am going ...  to be making rolls or tiny loaves for the Women's day of prayer, Friday 4th March but have no idea of the number needed. We have 8 made already, they are in the freezer so may make some fresh so if they are left over they can be frozen.
I am reading ... or will be starting Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The choice for the reading group.
I am hoping ...  England win the grand slam, enjoyed last Saturday's match.

I am hearing ...  Ian typing, or keyboarding.
Around the house ... chimney swept, furniture and carpet ordered, decorator chased for starting date. 
One of my favourite things ...  train journeys. We went to Kingston by train today, a short journey although still managed quite a few rows of knitting. I prefer the smoothness of the train compared with buses. The bus drivers seem to imagine they are driving around Le Mans track.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... monthly prayer & meditation group tomorrow; Tuesday will be working at Local studies, missed last week as attended Breathe Easy Group; Friday is Women's world day of prayer.  

A picture thought I am sharing ...taken on our Strollers walk last Friday. We walked from Marlow to Hurley, Temple Lock taking in the muddy Thames Path. Needed our walking poles. Although not sunny, the day was warm and ideal for walking over 6 miles. Very pleased with myself for managing it, felt better for the exercise. Note I'm wearing the Mustardland scarf.
I'm sure there are other world shattering comments I could make but I would like to go and put my wool stash in the ziplok bags we bought in Kingston today, then try the new circular needles.


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  1. I love circular needles! I'll be interested to hear what you think of Twilight. I saw the film(s) with teen / pre-teen daughters, and quite enjoyed the story, but would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't found the character of Bella hugely irritating - I'm not sure whether it was the way she was portrayed in the film (too "moody"?), or whether that is how she is in the book. Somehow it felt to me as though she should have a stronger personality.