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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thoughts and actions

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 08, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 8th February 2011

Outside my window ... At last some sunshine, bright and cold with a beautiful sunset.

I am thinking ... about our plans for our sitting room. On Sunday Adam and Juliet came to see us, sat on the settee and sank down and down and down. Although I sit there and knit hadn't realised why it was so low.
We have decided the suite will go. We will ensure that some one else will benefit from it, either through Freecycle or Community furniture store. Then rather than rush into purchasing a new settee/sofa we will use our Lloyd Loom chairs, of which we have 9, whilst we consider the style and the way we want the room to look. What ever we select, we hope the room will look less crowded when the Isis Minty 2-seater settee, 2 chairs and one huge glass top table goes. My option is for purchasing a squidgy sofa and maybe one matching armchair. Instead of the table collecting junk we will use the wooden sea chest box as a table, thus opening up one side of the fireplace.

From the learning rooms ... Ian is sorting out his Madcad cos he has it on his Sony notebook and his Sony Vaio. Apparently some one queried this.

I am thankful ... that I managed to walk to the library last Saturday and support our library. Borrowed 6 books on knitting, need to sort out patterns I like, especially for cushions using yarn from stash. Quite hard work walking back as the strong wind blowing in our faces.

From the kitchen ... Ian washing up after meal cooked by Martha.

I am wearing ... pink polo neck jumper that I knitted and long grey skirt.

I am creating ... about to start another cushion cover and will start cardigan too. This is the yarn and pattern I had for Christmas gift from lovely cousin.
I am going ...  to feed the Friendship cake starter I have been given by one of the young Mums from church. I think the other recipients of the mix are Year 1 parents. I think our offspring were at this level last time I made Friendship cakes.
 I am reading ... magazines about beautiful houses, ideal homes, interior design. we bought them in Sainsbugs this morning. 
I am hearing ...  Ian texting our hairdresser, he will ask her to bring her 'shears' as he needs a trim. 

Around the house ... have completed first cushion cover.

Shown here on one of those Lloyd Loom chairs

and here, showing the buttons bought at Mrs Moon and the moss stitch.

One of my favourite things ...  the views from Richmond Bridge.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... penultimate Respiratory rehabilitation course tomorrow, apart from this that is all have planned although I suspect we will be looking at sofas.

A picture thought I am sharing ...
My Mustardland scarf, ready for the Archers meet. Three 50g balls of Rowan big wool.

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  1. I love the cushion cover. The scarf looks good too.

    At first glance I misread your comment about the Friendship cake. I thought you said the other "ingredients" were Year 1 parents. Oops!