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Sunday, 5 January 2020

Tying up the ends

Well, tomorrow it’s Epiphany, back to normal day and for us the day our lovely decorators arrive at 8am to paint our kitchen, ceiling, walls and woodwork. These two brothers have been smartening up our home, this and the previous one for well over 30 years, we have recommended them to friends, family and colleagues in all that time, they are trustworthy with work of high quality.

Christmas, we spent Monday to Friday morning in Dorset with DD and S-in-L, seeing very much wider family before returning to London for our family visit to Kew Gardens lights.  Although the lights were excellent it is my opinion that the walk was just a little too long, maybe I’m influenced by having an almost three year old and a four and a half with us and the parents didn’t bring the push chair. We’d been good people, travelled by public transport, not ok from Richmond station, no trains to our station, just two or three down the line, nor the one bus route that takes us just around the corner. Given the late hour, two tired children and two people who were driving back to Dorset we ended up with two taxis, reaching Twickenham just before thousands were pouring out of the Stadium after the double header rugby games.

Some photos,

 The Advent calendar made for me by DD, DGS was puzzled that the numbers were not in numerical order, I adore the randomness and workmanship of it.

DH and I in Dorset on Christmas Day, I’m wearing my qiviut cowl.

DGS intrigued by constructing this marble run and best of all we have over half of this cake left, I enjoy Christmas pudding, cake and mince pies.

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  1. Thank you for this update, lovely to read, good pictures showing you happy and with lots of great food on the table.
    Public transport needs to improve everywhere, it seems, before people can really be persuaded to leave their own cars behind.