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Saturday, 21 December 2019

Reasons why.

There are many reasons why I haven’t blogged, main one is we have been busy helping family, DS has been away from home for work so we have tried to help DIL with childcare and domestic stuff. Important work, here is Ian dealing with bedtime reading, important as GS at 4 years, 4 months has suddenly cottoned on to phonics so reading is beginning to take off although he seems to prefer STEM topics, surprised his reception teacher by recognising a hexagon, although not taught that concept at school.

Knitting and crochet continues apace, still working on second pair of toe up socks for Ian, progress has been made on the two Attic 24 blankets especially the Moorland for DIL as grandchildren like to help by holding the yarn, sometimes a bit too tight whilst we talk about colours and stitches.

I have a new project, our kitchen chair cushions have become worn, I have quite a quantity of Rowan big wool so I’m crocheting new covers using trebles, 6mm hook so the fabric produced is quite dense, work grows very quickly, should wear well without needing lining and I’m using up lots of stash. 

It will be made up envelope style, maybe if it is a bit narrow for a 40cm cushion I can add a border to frame it. Colours look a bit dull in picture, when complete will attempt to photograph it in daylight. 

Mmm, should I mention Christmas? Although a religious festival I dislike the intense commercialisation of a Christian festival, let the Solstice and coming longer daylight be celebrated by the non-Christian. It is not easy for me to just switch on a happy and jolly gene for the sake of it, I visited a lovely great aunt on Boxing Day to find  her dead in her chair, my Father-in-law died on Christmas night 35 years ago. With black humour DH says at least he waited till the credits went up on Raiders of the Lost Ark at 9.50, as requested the hospital had rung DH, he and his brother then had a 2 hour drive to Kent to break the news to their mother.  My father died suddenly 33 years ago today. 

It is not just these anniversaries, it is the big build up beforehand, then after Christmas nothing 'happens as all celebrations are before the event. Twelfth Night is just a date by which decorations come down, of course one could leave them up till Candlemas on February 2nd. I worry and become stressed over the most silly things, even to whether the Christmas card is right for the intended recipient, the printed words seem hollow for a recently bereaved friend, ‘merry’ to me implies rather tipsy, jolly or enjoyable Christmas would be an alternative.  

Don’t wish to sound miserable or Scrooge like, I’m saying how it is for me, a feeling going back to childhood when I remember being bored by TV so would be knitting or reading, the extra work load on my mother who stayed up late on Christmas Eve knitting dolls clothes for my sister’s new doll. I must have been an odd child, I had a doll too and used to wonder what I was supposed to do with it! 

If anyone is reading these scribblings may I wish them the opportunity to enjoy Christmas in the manner they would most enjoy and appreciate, thank you for commenting on my blog, I’ll try and return the compliment.


  1. Dear PixieMum, with the kind of things you have experienced at or around Christmas, plus the commercial hype around it, it is understandable that you are not in a festive mood. For me, the celebration is just as much about spending time and appreciating the family as much as it is about Christian faith and values.
    Thank you for your kind wishes! May you and your loved ones also have a happy time, of peace and harmony.

  2. Hope you did enjoy Christmas! I’m watching the reading thing with interest as LO just turned four and now seems to want to ‘read’ all the books herself (her dad was a fluent reader by 4!)