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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Unintended consequences.

I am quite a believer in unintended consequences. A good one happened this last weekend.

We pay for our newspaper a year in advance  and a copy is held in reserve for us at a High Street newsagent so one of us will collect the paper during the morning. Have to give credit to dear Ian, he plods down more than me, especially in the winter, and yes, I know I should go as I am supposed to have as much exercise as medication.

Now where were me, oh yes, last Sunday, after Church, we drove to the High Street, as Ian was driving I hopped out and went for the paper, but woe, there were no Sunday Telegraphs. I think I understood the guys in the shop that about three copies were received and they had been delivered by the paper boy. Instead of taking our voucher and searching for the paper in another store, I accepted the offer of the Sunday Times of which there were many copies. After all, it was raining and I can read most of the Telegraph on my iPad as I'm a subscriber and have down loaded the relevant app.

Was browsing the Times and noticed there was a free download of a book, and this book, completely unabridged was The Help, the choice of our reading group and one I was enjoying, but the enjoyment was at the cost of abandoning knitting. With much difficulty - yes I can be a technonumpty - the download was achieved on my laptop, but not the iPad. Didn't matter, I listened and knitted, like a good woman doing two things at once. The spoken word is identical to the written word, I should be able to discuss the book with confidence for it has been a while since a reading group book has really  grabbed my attention.

I do not read books for pleasure any more, I have unfinished books around and I know it is because I spend time on my laptop and iPad, or if I am knitting I have the TV on.

So, an unintended consequence is that I will download more audio books from my local library so I can multi task. The baby cardigan just requires sewing up the raglan seams, knitting the collar, blocking and then sewing up.  The back has been redone, not sure whether it was the right method as I cut the yarn and started from a different point in the random dye pattern. Meant lots of loose ends to weave in but it worked.

Well I am pleased with it, I hope the parents will be. If they don't like the design, I will knit something else more traditional whilst listening to audio books. There is a baby boy coming into our family so the jacket can be a gift to him.


  1. I think the parents will love it. Traditional designs are not as popular here for babies as they were even five years ago.

    Great multi-tasking goal !

  2. I love the baby cardigan, PixiMum. My daughter always uses vivid rather than pastel colours for the new baby knits she makes and they are so appreciated.

    A friend of mine always listens to audio books rather than reading, but I still love reading in bed and as I don't have a laptop or iPad, it's still books for me. Knitting is for when I'm watching TV.

  3. I, too, have too many unread books - including The Help, and spend too much time on the laptop or watching TV and knitting. I love the idea of listening to someone read to me, which is how I like to think of an audio book and to listen whilst knitting would be such a treat - great idea, thank you.