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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Post Olympia

Although it is over a week ago just wish to tell every one that I did survive the Who do you think you are? show.  Was able to demonstrate this website  so if you, or any of your family are from London Borough of Richmond you may find details of the property in which they lived. The borough includes Twickenham, Hampton, Hampton Court, Hampton Hill and Hampton Wick, Teddington, Barnes, Mortlake, Sheen. Of course not every road is mentioned, some times just the name of the estate was used, many of the early plans were just concerned with drains.

Two volunteers with the Local studies librarian.

Have been worked two afternoon this week, indexing photographs and a few prints of the Riverside. One day it was Richmond, the next we began on Twickenham side. Many of the Richmond ones concentrated on the visit by HM The Queen on Friday, 28th October 1988 when the Richmond Riverside development was formally opened. The classical designs by Terry Quinlan enhance the townscape and have worn well.

Somewhere in the crowd, outside the then National & Provincial Building Society I was there with Martha and Adam who were just tinies then. Whilst recording the details of the photographs searched to see I could spot us, but to no avail. Somewhere in the vaults of the local independent TV station there may be a few seconds of PixieMum giving her favourable views of the new development.

Seems surprising that the team have reached letter R and this is the first time I can be sure that I was there, this was one of the moments when I am so proud and blessed to be doing this. Sort of a random act of kindness, trying to pass my knowledge on so when I find and correct an error it's feeling I am giving something back to the world. When I die, I hope that something I have achieved or done in some small way has made, or will make, the world a better place.

Am off to continue knitting the baby jacket, not a portable project like the hexipuffs.


  1. My husband was born in Richmond! I will have to find out the name of the street -- all I know is that it is not very far from Richmond Park. Other members of his family were from Barnes so I'll be passing this information on to people I know are working of their side of the family tree! Sounds like you have really been enjoying yourself! Well done!

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  3. What a worthwhile project you're working on, PixieMum. Worthwhile and a lot of fun, from what you say. I'm afraid the only time I was ever in Richmond I was far too young to be interested in local history. I was 6 and we stayed there for a fortnight while my father was doing a job for someone (he was a painter and decorator) I still remember being caught in a thunderstorm in the middle of the Park. :-)