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Monday, 8 October 2012

District Line knitting on day 8.

Had to travel to Royal Brompton hospital so of course I knitted a hexipuff on the train and whilst waiting at the hospital. 

Although this is the 152nd hexipuff, everything seemed to go wrong, either an odd number of stitches, or 12 stitches on one needle and 16 on the other, or the tail tanged with the knitting thread. I think I undid as much as I knitted. 

Far more important was the good news at the hospital, all my tests have come back clear, I am much better than in early July and next visit to consultant is in a year's time.

To celebrate this Ian and I went to Westfields, Ian had never shopped there although he was involved with the planning of the building, much evidence of his company's products were noted by us. Shopping was successful, including gold nail varnish (don't ask yet

Now off to complete socks, to be worn with gold toe nails of course.


  1. Congratulations for the good test results!! Something like that calls indeed for a celebration.

  2. Good news, so pleased for you x